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    Default Third row seating for 2008 XC70 ???

    Good day, I am a first time poster here.
    I am possibly interested in purchasing a 2008 XC70 but have a question about the availability of 3rd row seating. I don't find it published in any optional parts list or even mentioned in any article. This is a major decision maker for me.
    I personally have an aversion to driving SUV's and the like because I don't like driving higher vehicles (lower to the ground for me - as I feel I have more control).
    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Its not offered. Try looking over at's been a more vigorous discussion of the new XC70 there and I seem to recall some discussion on this subject there. Wagon wise, I think the Mercedes E class still offers one--obviously a different price point, the old Audi A6 wagon did, but don't know what they have now, or the Ford Freestyle, now called the Taurus X. There may be others, else its minvans and SUVs...

    If you're not tied to the new model, there may be some leftover 07 XCs around and you can have the third seat installed at the dealer.

    Here's the link:
    2007 XC70 Barents Blue, Adventure Pkg

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    Default 3rd row in XC70

    Definitely not available. Floor of cargo area has tracks for hooks/tie-downs, etc., plus panel on floor lifts to reveal securable storage area. Therefore, no 3rd row seats.

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