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Thread: Keypad Bulbs

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    Thank you!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tato_c View Post
    Hi there,

    Finally I did it!. I ordered the parts to eEuroparts (thanks for the link!). It took me 30 minutes and I replaced 9 lamps!

    The procedure is quite simple, and since it was my 2nd time (first one was step by step, veeeeeery carefully), it was faster.

    I'm extremely happy about the outcome (I can see all the display!), and happier about the cost ($43 + 30 minutes of work)

    Little late for my reply but i counted 10 bulbs. this cost me under $10.

    Radio Shack #272-1092

    2pcs for $1.79USD x 5 packs

    pretty much self explanatory when you see the old bulbs and these new ones. took me about 45 minutes and i disconnected everything took it inside the house and did it on the kitchen table with a 4 and 6 year old helping. ohh geez..

    NOTE: i do own a BSR PPC diagnostic. I did get a CEL, SRS message and everything under the sun. Plug in and press reset codes and i was done hehehehe. most of you guys will not be so lucky, you will get a $80 plus bill form the dealer if you did it my way. Just becarefull on disconnecting stuff that all.

    This way is ALOT cheaper and these are the same bulbs you would use for the ccm too.
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    Default bulb replacement easy!

    Just finished replacing mine. Piece of cake. Radio Shack was good info, Thanks. I didn't unplug anything, but I did disconnect the battery just in case. There is plenty of slack in the wires to replace the bulbs without unplugging the ICM.

    Thanks again,


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