Short drive, about 10 minutes.
I may have some time tomorrow but being a Saturday they may not want me to take it for an hour.
Not bad. It felt better than a comperable S80 3.2. Seemed to shift better but Volvo still has some problems with tranny software as the engine and the transmission don't mesh that well together and some of the shifts are "strange, not really bad mind you just "off"
In this day and age everyone in this price range offers a car that shifts perfectly with a perfect shift algorithim.
Why Volvo can't seem to deliver a car with a "matched" transmission is puzzling and has now become annoying at this point.
Otherwise I found it extremely pleasent if not a bit detached from the road in a different way than older P2 XC's.
Very solid feeling vehicle, nice seats, annoying S80 interior but this is the way Volvo has gone with their design, like it or leave it but at least it's different.
They MUST get a proper tan leather, this cream colored interior will get very dirty very quickly. It's uninspiring and that light cream steering wheel and column is not my taste. I would like to see this two tone that's being offered
The liftgate was awesome.
I'll give a full review after I have some real seat time with it but in general if I had to sum it up in a couple of words...

Generally a very nice wagon, very SOLID, much more so than a P2 wagon.
It's not as slow as I thought it would be and if someone gave me one I would be proud to own it
(after some serious mods)!
Volvo, if you read this, you MUST get your act together with these AW trannies.
I'm sure the transmission, in general, is fine, but the software and interfacing with the rest of the drivetrain is awful and embarrasing for you to let this out in 2008, you can do (much) better.
I've driven S80 V8s and it seems to work OK, why can't you match it to the I-6?