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    ABS Module or something else?

    Hey guys-
    2004 XC70
    So yesterday while driving my ABS light came on, never seen this before. Everything worked fine other than the light being on and (I assume) ABS not working.

    I get home, park...
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. It isn't belt noise,...

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    It isn't belt noise, I don't believe. I am pretty familiar with what a slipping belt can sound like. And, as I said, the sound definitely seems louder from the rear of...
  3. Whistling from rear of car, even when parked/idle?

    Hi guys-
    I have noticed a whistling noise coming from my new-to-me '04 XC70. It seems to be louder at the rear of the car, somewhere around the rear wheels, and seems slightly louder on the...
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    New (used) owner! A few questions

    Hi guys-
    I'm very happy to have picked up a 2004 XC70 with 124k miles today. Great shape, no rust, very clean interior. Looks almost brand new. I purchased from a small dealer in the area that...
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