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    Mixed City and highway driving though mostly...

    Mixed City and highway driving though mostly highway, averaging 10.5l/100km in Canada which translates I think to 22.4 MPG. It is a T6 and I generally behave...Can't seem to drop below that amount...
  2. Illuminated Gear Knob - Lighting only in the rectangle for "D" and "S"

    Just had my Gear Selector replaced as the LED lighting inside was flickering. The illuminated gear selector was an option I expect and with the replacement now it lights up but the rectangle segment...
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    My quote was in Canadian dollars so essentially...

    My quote was in Canadian dollars so essentially around $800 US. I think there is definitely a little bargaining room.
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    Polestar upgrade

    Got a quote from the dealer for approx. $1,200 for the upgrade on my 2013 XC60 T6. Is that worth it? Couldn't seem to find a thread that was wholeheartedly for it. Tow a small utility trailer on...
  5. You have to use a powered towing converter as...

    You have to use a powered towing converter as there is not enough inline power to the converter from the bulb signal wires. Powered one works great in my XC70 though I am on the second one in about...
  6. Ticking like a clock after engine turned off (front passenger side under hood)

    Does anyone else get the ticking after shutting the vehicle off and if you listen by the front end on the passenger side it sounds like a clock ticking. It seems to continue for a long time after...
  7. Whining

    This forum rocks. I was going through snow last night, had the high pitched whine, did a search and bingo. Called the dealer as due for a service anyways and will bring the No. 25-21 Volvo bulletin...
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    I would try swapping the front tires to the back...

    I would try swapping the front tires to the back (not side to side). I have heard of the actual Alloy wheel being slightly warped and difficult to balance. Moving it to the back might help and...
  9. Hi everyone: Looks like we will have to bow...

    Hi everyone:

    Looks like we will have to bow out as well. :( Doing some reno.s on the house (new windows!). Work is a little hectic as well. Looks like Patrick, Shala, John and Faye will have to...
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    Poll: Toyo Versado LX 235-60-16

    Just put a set of Toyo tires on to replace the Pirellis. A little wider and lower profile than stock. So far so good. Very nice quiet ride and noticeably smoother already (seem to be balanced...
  11. Definately interested. It was a lot of fun in...

    Definately interested. It was a lot of fun in Tofino. Olympic peninsula sounds good. Isn't there a hot springs along the way there somewhere :confused:
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    Air Conditioning

    I have an 05 and have never had a problem with the Air and the dual temperature settings. It has actually been excellent. Maybe yours just needed to reset itself? You should make sure everything...
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    I had an old Chevrolet that always had a shimmy. ...

    I had an old Chevrolet that always had a shimmy. I had the tires balanced several times. Finally took it to a shop that balanced them on the car (basically puts the car on a dyno like machine and...
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    Great pictures Patrick!

    Can't wait to kamikaze some more gnarly waves. Hope to get locked in on the next pounder...hang ten dudes![cool2]

    As you can tell we have transformed...:p
  15. Vargas

    Great looking trip. Not so sure about the bigger waves there...:eek:


  16. Tofino...

    Truly excellent time and great to meet everyone. What a truly fantastic group of people!

    We rented surfboards[cool2] for Sunday and Monday and had a blast. Jen appears to be a natural, with...
  17. Pescatores

    We are new to all of this so if there is room at the table that would be great.


  18. Tofino forecast

    Just a warning but the latest forecast is for rain, heavy at times over the weekend. :(

    My wife and I are planning on making it to Pescatores on Friday.
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    05 Xc70

    Ditto re my 2005 XC70. Has been great so far. 39,000 kms and only regular scheduled maintenance. Initial warranty work for ill fitting door rubber seal and that was it. Mine has the DSTC and...
  20. Corrected link

    Oops on the Nautical Nellies link see corrected:
  21. Tofino bound

    Hi again everyone:

    Both those restaurants in Victoria are good choices. There are few more to consider such as Cafe Brio (is a little out of the downtown core up on Fort Street...
  22. Dates/Plans

    Hey everyone:

    We booked 3 nights starting on the 18th as we thought that was the original dates though it sounds like people will be heading up on the 17th? Meeting for dinner in Victoria on the...
  23. Tofino

    Hey Art:

    We live in Cobble Hill (not far from Duncan, BC) which is about 45 minutes north of Victoria.

    There are some very nice places to stay in Tofino (prices can get up there for some of the...
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    Gearbox slipping

    Hmmmm.......Sounds like a software problem (hopefully). Should take it in to a dealer and get it "plugged in". I can't imagine that you would be having mechanical issues with a car that new.
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    When you have it in Manual mode, does it show "1" on the dash for the gear selected at rest? It certainly sounds like a "W" mode issue. Is there a "W" showing up in the dash when you have gear...
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