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  1. 2004 2.5 wont start without a little help

    2004 xc90 2.5 t 200k miles
    Got in the car 2 days ago and it would not start. Will crank but not fire. Gas or spark. I spayed some starter fluid down MAF pipe and it started right up. So...
  2. I had a similar problem and replaced the engine...

    I had a similar problem and replaced the engine mount behind passenger wheel cost for part was around $60 if I remember right. Worth a try.
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    knocking grinding fixed! 2004 xc90

    Just thought id post my experience. 2004 xc90 2.5t 133k miles. About 1 month ago car started to get a grinding knocking noise on initial acceleration. Slowly got worse. Almost sounded like a cv...
  4. sensor

    Yes it was the sensor. On the front of the block a PITA to get to. Took about 30 min once lower engine cover off. Was a $12 fix...
  5. 2004 xc90 no oil pressure light? Where is the sensor?

    Wife driving home tonight and no oil pressure light came on. I just changed oil. Checked dipstick plenty of oil no strange noises. Light comes on more when you hit a bump.

    Where is oil
  6. can transmission issues cause reduced engine performance display?

    Does anyone know if transmission problems can cause the Reduced egine performance to display on dash? 2004 xc90 2.5 115k I'm just trying to eliminate tranny if posible or add to list.
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    Reduced engine performance just lit up on dash...

    Reduced engine performance just lit up on dash as I was going down road basically went into limp mode pulled over engine ran like crap turned off restarted drove fine I'm spooked now but $1000 will...
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    Transmission fluid smell interior xc90?.

    2004 xc 90 115k 2.5
    Looking at purchasing when you open ds door I get an odor that to me smells like tranny fluid ?
    Checked and don't see any leaks ? It's notvavmoldy smell it's petroleum based...
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    2004 xc 2.5 115k no power PVC issue?

    I am looking at a 04 2.5 2wd xc 90 very clean no codes everything works but seems extremely low on power tranny shifts fine
    I'm pretty sure the PVC system is clogged up would this cause loss of...
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