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    Lowering the XC

    Due to the pretty limited information on lowering p2 xc70s, i'm curious about some things
    I'm considering lowering my XC on some BC racing coilovers in the near future. The suspension is a little...
  2. Jacking up the rear via tow hitch?

    My XC has an aftermarket tow hitch from Curt, and I was curious if it would cause any damage to jack up the rear from the tow hitch. It seems like it would be more effective than jacking up one side...
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    Thank you, i'll get that done

    Thank you, i'll get that done
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    P2407 Evap code on '07 XC70

    This morning after going to the store, I started my car to be greeted with a CEL. Code is P2407- "Evaporative emission system leak detection pump sense circuit, intermittent/erratic"
    My gas tank was...
  5. Do you know if there's a way to buy that section...

    Do you know if there's a way to buy that section by itself? I'm not too keen on spending $230 on the entire pipe lol
  6. This coolant line doesn't seem to exist...

    Okay so there's this coolant line that is under the upper radiator hose, that runs out of the thermostat. It has been seeping for a while, leading me to have to top up on coolant every few months. I...
  7. Custom Aux Lighting with OE Wiring/Button

    So i'm planning on putting a light bar and some pods on my roof, and wiring them to the OE aux lighting connector, and replacing one of the dummy switches with a switch to turn them on/off. This...
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    Mo Powah Babeh (tuning)

    I'm a broke student in need of a little more power. I've been looking at a couple of tunes as those will definitely give me the best price to performance.

    Hilton has a stage 1 tune for $350, and...
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