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    replacing the stereo in my 03 xc90

    The stock stereo in my 2003 xc90 T6 is on the fritz. my cd player doenst work and my tuner is not very crisp anymore. I want to put an aftermarket stereo in it but i am having a hard time finding how...
  2. thanks

    thanks jon, ya i went to the dealer originally and they told me $800 for the booster but i was able to find a remanned booster online for $200 so thats a little more reasonable.
  3. What engine does your xc90 have??

    What engine does your xc90 have??
  4. how difficult is it to replace a brake booster?

    I have a 2003 XC90 T6 AWD that has been hissing until I apply pressure to the brake pedal. After reading a number of forums and asking mechanics, it seems clear the problem is a bad brake booster....
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