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  1. All are always welcome

    Why of course!
  2. We're In

    Hope that it can come together this year. We're in for Washington.
  3. Let's Set a Date

    Hi All

    To see what kind of interest we can confirm, I am going out on a limb and proposing the weekend of September 27 for our gathering. Overnight Saturday and possibly Sunday in the Seatlle...
  4. Seattle Sounds Great

    The Seattle/Olympic area sounds like a plan. Mid to late September means less traffic and still great weather.

    I'm in.

    (aka North Coast XC)
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    XC70 Northwest Meet 2007

    If you are interested in more photos of the 2007 Northwest meet, use the following link:
  6. Another Great Trip

    Hi Art

    Awesome looking trip! Wish we had been with you. I think I recognize some of the areas you stopped.

  7. I think if you had to have warranty work done for...

    I think if you had to have warranty work done for some reason and Volvo could prove the work that needed to be done was a result of having not serviced something, as opposed to a manufacturing fault,...
  8. Cowabunga

    Hi all.

    Spectacular weekend! When we get back home from the rest of the holiday we will post the great surfing pics.

    Ribs are still sore but worth every uncomfortable breath :)

  9. 99 xc

    Too bad that you've had such bad luck with the '99. Like many things, there are those of us that have had no problems and those that have.

    We bought our '99 in 2001 and then traded it in on an...
  10. Surfing

    I'm in! I'd like to try the surfing out. Will it fit me?

  11. Meet is Fast Approaching

    As the meet is fast approaching, do we have a confirmed # of people yet?

    I am making reservations for dinner a Pescatores for Friday at 7 pm. Can people confirm their attendance?

    The dinner...
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    Nothwest Meet


    It's too bad you are travelling in July and not August as the XC group is gathering on Vancouver Island August 17-19.
  13. NW Meet


    Don't worry about the securing of the rooms at the Paddlers - it's been taken care of. We will have to arm wrestle to see who gets the waterside view room though :)

    As for paddles, we...
  14. NW Meet

    I like the idea of still meeting in Victoria on the 17th so I've switched the reservations for Tofino for Saturday (18) and Sunday (19) (nice knowing the owner). I realize this becomes a 3 day...
  15. Tofino Accomodation Update

    I have now reserved 3 rooms for Friday the 17 and Saturday the 18 in Tofino at the Paddlers Inn As mentioned previously Shala and I will use 1 of the...
  16. PNW Gathering

    Hello all

    I spoke to my cousin at Tofino Sea Kayaking and the Paddlers Inn (shes the owner) and I booked the last 2 rooms at the Inn; so 1 room for someone to use with Shala and I in the other. ...
  17. Surfs Up

    Hello everyone.

    Hope all are well. Shala and I will both be there. I will be in Victoria on business that week before and works out perfect for us!

    Never surfed before so will either try or...
  18. Warranty

    Usually can't go wrong with manufacturers warranty; nervous about 3rd party.

    Just extended our warranty before the 80,000 km expiry of original on our 2004. Extends to 160,000 km. Paid $2,800...
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    I must have gotten the deal :) of the century at Kelowna Volvo just this past summer - OEM 2" installed was $850 cdn (including taxes).
  20. Wine Tour

    Hi everyone.

    Looking foward to the weekend! Just bring yourselves to Princeton; we are arranging all for the bbq. Were also lucky to receive a few items from Kelowna Volvo - thank you so much...
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    Hi everyone. Sounds like things are getting going! For those leaving from the westcoast and coming via the Hope-Princeton highway, if Taylor is not supplying the coffee we would certainly host...
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    I use the manual shifting primarily for highway driving. I will often engage it when travelling through winding roads and steep inclines. When we lived in Squamish BC I always had it engaged for...
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    Okanagan Meet

    We're still in and looking forward to it!

    If anyone is coming via the Princeton-Hope Highway (#3), let us know. As we are close to Osoyoos we haven't made definitive plans to over night there. ...
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    Do You Sail?


    Being in the prairies your sailing must be liimited:)

    Seriously, do you have any connection to sailing and therefore extend it to your car? I unfortunately gave up our 29' sloop when we...
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    Nice Ride!

    Nice looking car Art. Look forward to seeing you and your wife (and the car) at the meet in the Okanagan.

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