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  1. 90k -- done!

    Did the 90k, which was a piece of cake compared with the other things that cropped up.

    Brake pads - and rotors. Ouch.
    The clunk was diagnosed as combo of the bushings and tie-rods. I...
  2. Thanks

    Appreciate your feedback.

    I think I'll do the timing belt. That seems smart considering the cost vs what happens if that belt fails. And while it's up on the rack, I'll have a look at the tie...
  3. 2002 XC70 90k Service -- Recommendations

    I have an 02 XC70 with a few miles shy of 90k on the odometer. I'm the original owner - and have had all the maintainance done on schedule.

    The car has been pretty rock solid. No tranny issues....
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