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  1. No worries mate. Enjoy the drive and look forward...

    No worries mate. Enjoy the drive and look forward to the pics. [thumbup]
  2. Saturday instead?

    Guys, can we do Saturday instead? Prefer Saturday simply so we can rest on Sunday if the drive runs into the evening. Being on a Sunday and by the time we get home it will be night.......then we have...
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    MASS AIR FILTER or coil plugs


    I had the same problem a few months ago and it was the MAF. I had to get mine towed by NRMA to Precision Autos in Mascot Sydney and cost a bloody fortune. If I had to do it again I would order...
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    Tyre shine

    Hi All,

    My XC is the same colour as Ocean Racer and I use tyre shine (clear solution) to revive the faded blue bumpers and brought it back to new condition. The result is back to its dark blue...
  5. Leftover mud from the previous trip


    Might be a good thing :p that the old mud was there from the last trip. The sand and salt would have sat on it instead of the metal bits. Aren't we all glad water restrictions are...
  6. The Karcher

    What a hoot! My XC is sorry she lost her cam belt otherwise we would have as much fun as you guys! Great pics and my pics of the bunch would be PJ810 splashing, MyZomela disappearing into the dunes...
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    Coles on Pacific Highway, Lindfield 0800hrs


    Sounds like a plan. See U'All @ 0800hrs this Sunday outside of Coles on Pacific Highway Lindfield facing north.

  8. Another Drive Day

    Hi Patrick & Fellow XCs,
    Sorry I'd missed you today as had previously arranged drive day over Heathcote/Bulli Pass this morning. Was hoping to catch up with you guys later but you would have hit...
  9. Next Drive Day

    MATTERS: How about some pics of your MY01 XC please?

    Patrick & allcon: What say U'All we do one on the Oct long weekend from Sydney to the Highlands? :cool:
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    Those spotties

    How did you mount them on the bumper or through the grill?
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    MA Meter aka mass air sensor

    Hi all, its been a while since I look at the forum and thought I'd shared with you about my latest issue with my 2001 V70XC. She idle rough but once at cruising speed ran fine. But when you slow down...
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    Thanks for the pics. Awesome scenery. Even better than our coastal drive along the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Victoria. And your XC looks great too!!!
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    Controlled Slide

    Patrick, you should be be to do one of 'em slides with a lower centre of gravity. Just Do It mate! Not at 180km/h though! Happy Vacation & will be good to see some pics soon.
  14. No worries with the XC70

    Hi Frank,

    Like you I was not too keen on getting mine dirty and stuff. But since I have had 4WDs and been out bush, there's always that fun factor[thumbup]. And my XC performed well with no...
  15. Tint your windows at half the price!

    Hi All,

    Got my windows tinted today from a professional who works the weekends and come to your house/office! Renzo had done a couple of cars for me in the past and workmanship is excellent. And...
  16. The "controlled slide" was xcelerator off going...

    The "controlled slide" was xcelerator off going into the corner @ 40km/h and power out of the corner :D and the effect is [thumbup]
  17. The trip to Kanangra/Blue Mountains

    Its an easy track and your 2009 XC will be fine. I have had a few cars and travelled on similar roads and can tell you that nothing handles like the XCs. Amazingly well composed, no rattles and just...
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    You are right about dealer only maintenance is a...

    You are right about dealer only maintenance is a rip off. Even a Volvo specialist will be costlier than maintaining your old Toyo. I'd just bought my first Volvo 3 months ago and got stunk with $1700...
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    Hi mate, I also have the HU-803 but no eject...

    Hi mate,

    I also have the HU-803 but no eject problems yet. Now planning on buying the iPhone(3G) adaptor so I can play it through the HU-803. Here's the link etc and cost USD132+ freight. ...
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    Hi mate, READ the driver's/car manual would be...

    Hi mate,

    READ the driver's/car manual would be my suggestion and learn all the features. I bought mine a few weeks ago and like Tim the Tool Man Taylor, real man don't need instructions till...
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    Brake Light Failure - Dash Warning Light

    Since buying my V70Xc and joining the Volvo community I have one brake light failed on me and reading everyone's experience on how to fix/remove the dash warning light, I refused or more...
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    Hi, You wouldn't happen to have an iPhone(3G) or...

    You wouldn't happen to have an iPhone(3G) or access to one to see if it will also work with this unit you bought from ipd? If it works I like to buy one so I can hook up my iphone to it. At the...
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    Awesome scenery

    Hi ya,

    Great pics mate and look forward to posting some of ours when we take our XC offroad like folks on this site. Ours has never left the bitumen so will be sad for a few moments to see mud and...
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    Hi Chicho, Make that 2 of us out West mate. Am...

    Hi Chicho,

    Make that 2 of us out West mate. Am in Abbotsbury. Just speaking with Patrick earlier today and if u like to join us we are thinking of getting a group drive together soon?
  25. Photo by the lake looks great...imagine if it was...

    Photo by the lake looks great...imagine if it was also taken at dusk/dawn. All nice pics mate.
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