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    Reduced price

    Hey, got to move this car. Had a mechanic check it and it needs a rear seal replaced, new transmission boots and a shaft. Looks like I can get these items replaced under warranty. Everything else...
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    '98 V70XC for sale in Richmond, Virginia

    Hi, all -- I have posted here before. Ended up making the 4-tire purchase as a result of reading responses RE tires and this model. Anyway, need to sell our '98 wagon. It's been a great car. Has all...
  3. OK after yr response Bill and more rooting around...

    OK after yr response Bill and more rooting around the board I've called in to mount all 4 tires. Thanks --
  4. Do I really gotta buy *4* new tires at once for my XC?

    Hey all -- I'm new to the board. My name is Matt and I've owned a '98 V70 XC since summer '2003. Under warranty, I've had what seem to be the typical parts/systems replaced. (ABS unit, transmission.)...
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