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  1. Cam sensor went out on my 850. It was located on the driver's side of the cylinder head. I can't see on this car - but I think it's on the driver's side of the exhaust cam (rear camshaft). So, here's what I would do: remove the air pipe over the engine. remove the spark plug valley cover. You should be able to see where the lead comes out for the cam position sensor. You may have to remove the upper engine mount to gain access to the sensor - but the cam sensor location should clear with the other parts removed.

    Good luck!
  2. hey you have helped me before, I really appreciated it. I did end up getting our transmission rebuilt. But since we got it back we are getting these codes P0340 and P0343 for camshaft sensor and cam circuit relay malfunction. I cleaned the cam solenoid, however I know this will not work if the solenoid is bad, but I tried it anyway. We think it is more along the lines of the actual cam sensor. Our problem is since we have an 01 XC70 it is different then the early 90's version and we can't seem to find anyone who knows where the cam sensor is located. I know what the new part looks like, but I can't find the part on the Volvo we have. I also suspect that when they took and hooked the transmission back up that they may have not connected the cam sensor all the way or not at all. If not, I am going to try cleaning the sensor and if still no luck I was thinking of buying a new one and installing myself. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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