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  1. Hi John:

    I hadn't logged in for a while. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 49 and holding! We still fondly remember the Tofino trip as well. The kids are all growing up fast and we only have one at home in Grade 12. I keep checking to see if there are any more road trips planned. Maybe in 2011!
  2. Well happy birthday. I rarely scroll down to this part of the site (truth is I haven't been very regular on the site in any case). Trust all is well with you and the kids. We still fondly remember that visit to Tofino and you guys surfing for the first time. The Pender house is finally near complete (3 years and a small fortune) but we will keep the Calgary home for the time being. Enjoy your birthday and the goodies which will come with it!
    Let's hope we can have another get-together on the coast some time. The Volvo is headed to Montreal next week to deliver Stephanie's personal effects as she is currently working there.

    Cheerio - John & Faye
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