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  1. No real sounds when losing awd. Some report a thunk but in my experience it would grip sometimes but not others. Then finally one day I had nothing. I think it is very possible that the sleeve could grip on an unloaded car and then not have enough teeth left to grab when the vehicle is actually slipping. I would start by scanning the car for codes and if nothing comes up for the Haldex system then it is most likely the sleeve!

    Hope this helps!
  2. n00bkiller944,

    I was looking at your thread on your spline collar for your XC:

    I just aquired a uber clean 2003 XC70 and just slapped some Yoko Geolanders on it and went out for a climb up the hill at the ski resort I work at...and nothing.

    I did a test for the bevel gear when you put the front wheel on a jackstand, car in N and spin the tire to see if the drive shaft turns...which it does. Now I'm wondering if there is enough friction on an unloaded car but that maybe a bad spline sleeve slips when it has the friction of the road.

    YOu mention slowly losing AWD. Did you hear any sounds from the bevel area? Did the spline make a sound when slipping? I'm getting nothing. I just ordered a Vadis Dice (china made) since we have about 5 volvos in the family and maybe this will help rule out common haldex end electronics.

    Any comments would be appreciated!

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