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  1. Hi,
    I’ve saw your post concerning rear bumper cover for XC70, 2003 and I've decided that you could help me to answer the questions concerning the rear bumper cover for my V70XC Cross Country, 2001 (VIN-YV1SZ58DX11036822):
    1. The color of my V70XC, 2001 is black (code 019) and the bumper color looks like black, but according to VOLVO VIDA there are only 2 colors available for rear bumper cover for V70XC, 2001: blue–PART#9190888 and brown–PART#9484557. What is the right rear bumper cover part# for my V70XC, 2001? The brown one (PART# 9484557) will looks like my black?

    2. Does a rear bumper cover for XC70, 2005 fits the V70XC, 2001? I've found out the following cover: , but it's to far away and I don't have the possibility to try it.
    3. Do I need the absorber from XC70, 2005 or it can fit with my absorber?
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