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  1. I could get at least 18K (that's of course with no marks or dings) but I don't know if you can as a private party sale with a few dents and dings etc.
  2. Hi JRL, we are thinking of selling our 2007(.5?) XC70, and want to price it fairly. The prices on the usual websites (Edmunds, NADA, etc.) are all over the map, and I'm wondering if you might be able to lend your pricing expertise. Stats below:

    2007 XC70
    -62,000 miles
    -18" Atlantis wheels on brand new tires (so much nicer than the 16" Xenias)
    -standard Aux/ipod connector in console
    -Bluetooth (Motorola module that is the same as what Volvo sold as their own)
    -Sirius sat radio (factory)
    -Roof rack has wing profile cross bars and two bike holders
    -Barrents blue exterior/tan leather interior

    It's in what I would call very good condition. It's a daily driver, so there are a few scratches and curb kisses on the wheels. We just had it detailed inside and out, replaced the tires, and it had a 60k mile service.

    The car is located in Houston, TX.

    Best Regards, Chris
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