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  1. JRL,

    EDIT: I see I actually PM'd you from Matthew and now XCforum. Sorry for any much internet tonight!

    Update on my last request for your help. I've read 101 posts today across about 4 were present in many of the useful ones! I do have a question or two for you still. It seems the failure trends for a 2003 AWD is usually

    Spline Sleave (you said unlikely)
    Bevel Gear (internal)
    Haldex pump
    Pressure Sensor
    The viscous coupler it self

    You mention in several posts the spline coupler was usually not the concern but I see lots of discussion on this. Is it overhyped? I was wondering if you were a tech or just a great clearing house on digesting all the info on these forums. I used to wonder if you were a tech but then you mentioned talking to your tech! I'm just curious what you have seen to be the most common trend. I'd figure (and hope) the viscous coupler to be bullet proof but the electronics to be suspect.
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