View Full Version : Volvo 2001 S80 Remote Start: Immobilizer bypass lessens security?

04-23-2007, 03:20 PM
Hi, I just asked my dealer today about getting one of these remote start deals, the Viper 5900. I was told that it wouldn't be a problem, but that I'd need a spare key. I thought that the spare key would be to program the Viper unity, but I wasn't sure, so I called the dealer back.

The dealer told me in a just a few words that the extra key is for the immobilizer, and is put under the dashboard. That's why they only need one key.

I didn't think much of this at first, and he didn't seem to want to hang on the phone to explain, so I thanked him and got off the phone. Then I started wondering about the car's security, though. I have no idea how this works at all, and whether this is just a technical necessity that doesn't decrease the theft-proof-ness of the car (yeah I know that's not a word!). However, I would think that having a key that would disable the immobilizer right there in the car may actually decrease the car's anti-theft safeguards. Or is this just not how the whole system would work?

I'd really appreciate if someone could please explain to me how this works! I figure that if it does affect security, I'll just get the Viper 2 way transmitter than alerts me to movement etc. to my car, without the remote start. But I sure would love that remote start!