View Full Version : The cars I have owned.

12-08-2006, 06:24 PM
I have had a 60, 62, 66, 68 beetle. I have a 77 triple white super Beetle convertible (last year out of Germany) that will have a ground up restoration. I plan on rebuilding a early 2.8 litre porsche engine/five speed for it and other goodies. I also had a 72 ghia hard top and then a 74 convertible ghia (sport model). I then moved on to a 78 Scirrocco S which was completely rebuilt from ground up with some goodies from Neuspeed. It handled great. It had a 1.7 litre, Recarros and a Euro 5 speed ( 80 @ 2800 rpm down the highway) and a fuse block I had to completely rewire. I was going to super charge it but never had the chance. I then moved on to a 82 rabbit which was a POS. Too many electical problems. I purchased a 86 GTI after that. IT was fun but then I found my next car.....
It was a Volvo. A 1989 744Tic+ that had every dealer option. It had a tow package (external oil cooler), m46, sunroof, leather with winter package, 2.5 cat back exhaust, larger sways. It was black on black. I raced an el Camino with a 327 one day and the guy looked over and I could tell he was saying WTF is that? It was a blast. My wife made me sell it for a car with an Automatic. I then told her it had to be a Volvo turbo wagon. I bought a 94 945Tic and proceeded to upgrade. Bilsteins, IPD sways, Nick Choy Endlinks, Cherry upper and lower strut bars, MBC, 2.5 cat back exhaust, Brembo front and rear rotors with PBR metal masters. I replaced all the mounts. This car is great. I then bought the Y2K V70 XC SE-White. It is new and will too go through the HD school of upgrades. I love this car. It reminds me of the times I drove with my dad in his 262C. Man that car flew!

My mechanic asks me what I have done to the car to make it faster. I smile and say nothing really....[cool2]