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05-09-2006, 10:04 PM
Returned last weekend from a 6 day kayak trip to the Broken Group Islands in Barkley Sound and thought I would share some photos of one of our more rewarding trips thus far to this beautiful area of the west coast of British Columbia. :)

Overnighter in Ucluelet
Calm Conditions During Put-in at Toquart Bay
Beachcombing Find
The sea isn't always calm as was on this day. :eek:
Tidal Pool Anemone
Evening on Clarke Island

More pics here. (http://community.webshots.com/album/550223791WvKlzs)

05-09-2006, 10:38 PM
great photos and documentation Art, thanks a ton for posting!!!

The place in Ukee looks like The Cabins on Amphritite Point, correct? We stayed there a couple years ago just as they were opening, nice place :cool: .

Glad the weather cooperated!

05-09-2006, 10:44 PM
checked the ole photo library and alas here's my early morning pic from The Cabins... I beleive this one was shot just a few feet to the right of yours.

We seem to have a lot of overlap on Vancouver Island photos :D


05-09-2006, 11:23 PM
Thatís pretty cool Taylor. I believe you were in one of the units across from us as our side was pretty much filled with studio units.

Love staying at the Reefpoint Cottages (http://www.reefpointcottages.com/) as they offer some pretty decent rates particularly with respect to multi day bookings. They also provide a great jumping off point for our trips to the Broken Group.

We also prefer the sleepy atmosphere of Ucluelet over the more active hamlet of Tofino. Although there appear be some changes on the horizon as a large luxury development down on the waterfront is well into the later phase of construction.


05-10-2006, 07:47 AM

Thanks for the photos. I'm drooling. I have always wanted to Kayak up in BC, it makes my turf here in S. Calif look boring.

We too went on a trip last weekend (albeit short). We took a forward stroke clinic with Brent Reitz that included being videotape - great for analysis.

I'm curious about your rack setup. What made you choose to carry the boats on their sides versus on their bottoms?

05-10-2006, 07:56 AM
Your posts are great, but they have a negative impact: I end up daydreaming about moving.....


05-10-2006, 08:43 AM
Thanks guys. Believe me compared to the paddling environment here in B.C., my own hometown on the prairies pales in comparison and I constantly dream about making a permanent move to the Island. Weíre heading back home today and Iím wishing already that we were still out on the water. :(

Good thing is, we have to do it all over again next month. :D

Hey, we're always looking for paddling buddies if any of you happen to be in the area at the time. :cool:


I opted for this rack configuration as my Pygmy homebuilt would not fit side-by-side alongside the Necky hence the need for the Thule Hull-a-Ports. Worked out great. :)


05-12-2006, 06:31 AM
Faye and I just happen to be headed for Vancouver island (specifically Pender island) ourselves this afternoon. Another 1,000 km non-stop run over the Rockies. Maybe this time I should finally take some pictures given the beauty of the Rockies.

Art/Sai - love the stories. We stil need to hook up in terms of buying a pair of beginner Kayaks for Faye and I. Cheerio.


05-12-2006, 08:29 AM

It would have been nice to hook up with you and Faye. We still want to paddle over to Pender and have you give us a few pointers on sailing. IIRC, the deal was an outing on your boat in exchange for taking both of you out for a paddle in our kayaks. Advice with respect to buying kayaks is free. ;)

Have a safe trip. :)

06-19-2006, 11:48 PM
One month later and weíre back at it again. :)

Preparing to hit the road
Loading the boats
The Put in at Toquart Bay
Day Trip to Gilbert Island
Gilbert in all of its splendor
Barkley Sound has the highest concentration of eagles in North America.
Benson Island
Sea Cave Entrances on Dicebox Island
Our campsite on the sand fringed shores of Clarke Island
A Moonsnail secreting its egg casing at low tide
Buster Crab
Inter tidal Creatures
Exploring a narrow channel at low tide near Jacques Island
Sea Lion Hanging out near Batley Island
Evening Paddle around Owen Island
A paddling buddy taking advantage of the wind on Clarke Island
MmmmÖChocolate brownies for dessert. We ate well on this trip.
Ran across this fella while exploring the Pinkerton Islands
View looking out from our camp on Hand Island. We shared it with two women from Tofino who were practising their yoga moves on the beach at the time.
Paddling back to Toquart signaling the end to yet another great trip to the Broken Group.

06-21-2006, 01:36 PM
Art, your pics are always so inspiring. I'm sure they make just about everyone want to get out and check out the beauty of things so easily taken for granted. Always excited to see your new postings...... [thumbup]

Low Tide
06-21-2006, 05:34 PM
Damn. Where's the smilie with the drool. :( Now that looked like a relaxing adventure. Thanks for sharing.

09-12-2006, 05:29 PM
Hey Art,

Great pics. I checked out your other pics too. Seems like you are quite a cook. My adventures are usually marked by really bad food. Doesn't look like you have that problem.

Also, I noticed you had a front tie-down to the tow hook on the Pygmy, but not on the Necky. Is that because the Pygmy is on its side? Just curious because I had 2 kayaks on the roof this last weekend and didn't see the need for the front tie-down.

The kit I borrowed had 2 straps for the front and rear of each kayak (8 total), and only one across both kayaks in the middle. I didn't like that setup, so I ended up using my own straps and only used 4 total. 2 each kayak where the load bars attached to the car. Looks like that is where you strap them down too. It was very solid.

Some day I'd like to build my own, but until I get a bigger garage, or a different basement, I'll have to wait.

Thanks for your input.


09-12-2006, 08:15 PM
Birddog and LT,

Thanks for the comments! Sorry for late reply but itís been a while since I revisited this thread. :)


Glad to hear that you enjoyed the pics. Eating well on paddling trips has become somewhat of a tradition for us. We try and incorporate as much fresh ingredients as possible in our meals without compromising space in the bulkheads. Itís amazing what you can take with you. Harvesting from the sea is a bonus if sources are available. The Callebaut chocolate brownies were a first attempt for me having just acquired an Outback Oven for the last trip to Barkley Sound. What a great piece of cooking gear to have. :cool:

The rack setup that I have on the XC serves us well. Since I canít fit both the Looksha and Tern side-by-side, I was forced to use the current configuration. The Thule Hull-a-Port cradles are much more stable than they look as I can attest to during some pretty fast drives out to our paddling destinations. But youíre right, I attach a bow tie down to the Tern mostly for peace of mind. The H2GO saddles that straddle the Necky have already proven themselves to be rock solid.

Whatís the paddling like in Wisconsin? The Apostles would definitely be worth checking out! [thumbup]

Building your own boat requires less space than one might think. Iíve heard of people completing builds in their living rooms, offices, etcÖ

Iím already considering my next build as a winter basement project.


Ken from RI
10-06-2006, 08:41 AM
Art thanks for pictures the of your trip. What kind of camera are you using? It take such vivid pictures.

10-06-2006, 12:10 PM

We currently use a Canon S2 IS (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons2is/) and find that it produces pretty fine photo quality image for a camera of its class.

Iím still waiting for Canon to come out with a waterproof housing for it. In the meantime, a homemade version that we mount on the decks of our boats will have to do.

Here are a few more paddling pics that we took during our last visit to Vancouver Island

Day tripping near Ogden Point Pier (Victoria, B.C.). Cruise ships frequent this port-of-call all summer long.
The govít wharf at Swartz Bay near Sidney, B.C. provides kayakers with great access to the Gulf Islands. Here, weíre just about ready to put in for an overnight trip to Saltspring Island.
Great evening view of the ferries from our campsite at Ruckle Provincial Park on Saltspring Island. The lights of Swartz Bay can be seen in the distance.
Playful sea otters.

Ken from RI
10-10-2006, 11:33 AM
Art, Two things. I got the XC.com sticker to day thanks. I also have a canon. It's an older model Powershot S230. I've had no problems with it. I took it with me to Afghanistan. And it worked awesome and it still takes great pictures. Thanks for sending me more pictures I send some of mine, but I can't figure out how to do that. About canons water proof case I've bad things about it.

Thanks Ken

10-11-2006, 08:42 AM

Glad to hear that you received the decal.

Hereís the lowdown on posting photos. First, head on over to the upload page (http://volvoxc.com/volvo_photo_gallery/upload.php) of the photo gallery. Click on the browse button to acquire the image from your HD making sure that it doesnít exceed the designated file size. Hit continue and proceed to upload from there. Remember to enter your file name so that Taylor can organize the photos into your own personal album.

Once youíve uploaded the image to the gallery, itís just a simple matter of rt clicking on the photo and then copying and pasting its image location, using the appropriate (http://www.volvoxc.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode#imgcode) tags, to the thread where you want the photo displayed.

Hope that helps. :)

I also have an older S400 compact that I keep tethered to the deck of my own kayak. Itís housed inside a Canon WP DC800 which has yet to fail me.

Ken from RI
10-30-2006, 04:15 PM
Hello Art,

I sent Taylor acouple of pictures afew weeks ago. How can I ask him if they were recieved?:confused:


10-31-2006, 12:06 AM
Hi Ken,

I would try sending him another email or PM. I suspect that work might have Taylor occupied these days. Did you try uploading your pics to the gallery?

11-06-2006, 02:26 PM

Hello. I was just looking at your kayak trip photos and your beautiful Pgymy kayak. Is that an Artic Tern? How do you like it? I almost built one of those but opted for the Chesapeake Light Craft- Chesapeake 17 and 17(LT) for myself. I am very pleased with them so far and love my 2003 XC for Kayak transport.
Had it down at Cape Hatteras on the Outerbanks last weekend with the Kayaks. We drove off road on the sandy beach along the sound side of the banks to some great kayaking spots. The XC AWD performed beautifully too on the sandy roads and beach. Gotta love the XC.


Chesapeake, Virginia

11-06-2006, 05:22 PM
Hiya Chuck,

Thanks for the comments and great to hear from another fellow builder. I think that CLC boasts a superb line of S&G kits but I am particularly fond of the hybrid Shearwater with its stripped deck. It's a very striking boat and requires far less time to complete than a full stripper. How do you find the CLC 17/LT? Did you do the builds indoors?

The Pygmy AT 17 is a wonderful craft and I currently favor it over my glass Looksha IV as it can accommodate more gear within its bulkheads. I've outfitted the cockpit with thigh braces which makes carving turns almost effortless. Gotta love those hard chines.

Cape Hatteras sounds like fascinating place. I would love to paddle the east coast some day but, for now, there are still plenty of destinations on the west coast that I've yet to explore.

You won't find any argument from me with respect to the XC70 serving role as a paddling vehicle, in fact, I think that it is the ultimate kayak transport. Unlike most SUVs, it's nearer to the ground which makes for easy loading and also has a ton of cargo space to accommodate all sorts of paddling gear.

Got any pics of your CLC's atop the XC or, for that matter, just of the boats? :)

11-06-2006, 06:39 PM
Thanks to Art's influence my wife and I got into kayak building, kayak paddling and kayak transporting by Volvo over the past year. The XC70 is indeed the perfect vehicle, especially in regard to loading. My project for this winter is a CLC Hybrid Shearwater 17.


11-06-2006, 10:29 PM
That's awesome Bill. [thumbup] Look forward to hearing more about your progress with the Shearwater project. I've had my eye on a Redfish Silver for my own winter build but first have to make sure that I'll be able to pull it out from the basement once it's completed. ;)

11-07-2006, 08:18 AM
Hello again and here are some photos of my Chesapeake 17 (Teal Blue Hull) and my Chesapeake 17(LT) (Red Hull) on my 2003 XC. I built both in my garage the last two years. I have also built some custom wood/epoxy cradles for the C-17 that fit on top of my Yakima rack bars but not for the C-17(LT) yet. I have not wanted to install the traditional kayak racks as I carry windsurfing boards on my racks frequently and would have to constantly be taking the kayak rack accessories on and off.
I really love paddling both the C-17 and the C-17(LT). Both are fast, almost effortless to paddle and do leaned turns on the chines very well. I especially like the Light for turning as its lower volume and slighly shorter length seem to enhance turning ability. So far I have not yet felt the need to install a rudder on either. My wife, who does not have a lot of upper body strenght, really enjoys the effortless paddling the C17(LT) offers her too.
I have had them both out in 18-20knot+ winds and 2-3' waves/chop and they handled the conditions just fine. I also prefer using a Greenland Style paddle and it seems to match the Chesapeakes performance well.
As for the CLC Shearwater Hybrid 17, I think that is the next kayak I am going to build for use in rougher ocean and wave conditions. I believe the upturned stern design and the extra volume it offers will allow better rough water/following wave/surfing ability of Shearwater over the Chesapeakes. Of course if I just had $$ to burn, and no time to build, I think I would order a "Betsie Bay Greenland Style" custom wood/epoxy/glass kayak. Now that would look great on the XC too!


Chesapeake, Virginia

11-07-2006, 12:00 PM
Gorgeous boats Chuck! [cool2] Would you also paint the hull of your Shearwater or simply leave it bright finished? I'm sure that it would look great using either method.

By opting for a full stripper, I think that I'm going to be in for the long haul as I expect that the build process will carry well into the spring season. Plus, for sheer aesthetics, I've decided not to use staples when it comes to laying down the planks. I've now added the Guillemot (Nick Schade design) to my very short list mainly because I can acquire the kit in Canada.

I noticed that your Volvo roof rack is acting as a tie down for attaching your bow/stern painter lines to. How has that been working for you? The lack of tie downs on the XC has been a sore point for a number of paddlers. I still feel that the XC's tow eyelet provides the most logical choice to attach bow/stern lines to.

11-08-2006, 06:40 AM

I have looked at the Guillemot designs and they are beautiful and have read a lot of great reports on their performance too. Although longer to build I think that once you get the hang of cutting and fitting the strips that it will go along smoothly. Still think I am going to go for the Shearwater Hybrid as my next project but that will be awhile. I am moving to Belgium for work for a couple years so will be taking the XC with me but unfortunately leaving the kayaks in storage for awhile. (Who would have thought when I bought my XC in Europe and shipped it to the USA that it would be going back?!)
If I build a Shearwater I may still paint the hull. I think the contrasting varnished deck and painted hull looks really great. It really brings out the look of the varnished deck too!
Also a tip I picked up from Pgymy Boats was to run a strip of black electrical tape down the shear of each side fore and aft. This not only gives a little bump and scratch protection to the deck/hull transistion seam but I think helps really sharpens the transition from the deck varnish and hull paint and most people think it is a painted on black shearline stripe. Its real easy to replace too!
As for the Kayak tie down method you see in my photos, I have the bow lines tied to the front rack cross bar to keep the kayaks from wanting to slide forward when breaking. On short local trips I often just tie them to the racks alone but on long, high speed highway trips I tie bow and stern tie-downs. Using a locking D-ring (carabiner as the rock climbers call it) attached to some steel S hooks, I have found several locations under the back of the XC and the front to attach them to. On the front these are factory made holes in the vehicle understructure. I just hook the D-rings into the holes and then attach a tie down rope loop to the D-Ring. The rope then runs up over the front bumper to the kayak through the bow and stern carrying toggle loop and gets tensioned.
I use soft yacht braid line to do this as it is plenty strong and easy on the bumpers.
I just leave the D-ring under the right rear of the XC attached all the time. However, I think I may begin using the tow eyelets as well. Next time I have the Yaks loaded up I will get some photos of the D-ring attachments below and post.
Anyway, good luck with your decision on what to build next and good paddling, XC driving!!!


11-08-2006, 08:47 AM
Just found this photo of my Kayak tied down fore and aft using the D-ring attachements under the XC that I described in the above post.
BTW, how do you add photos directly to your forum post like the ones earlier posted in this thread, vice them showing up as smaller, "Attached Thumbnails"?


11-09-2006, 11:28 PM
Thanks for the tip on the tie downs Chuck. Definitely one to keep in mind. :)

To post photos directly to a thread, follow the instructions here (http://volvoxc.com/forums/showpost.php?p=65769&postcount=18). From time to time I also use a free photo hosting site such as Photobucket (http://photobucket.com/)

BTW, if you are interested in seeing some really nice boats, be sure to check out this link (http://www.westcoastpaddler.com/building/thumbnails.php?album=7).

11-21-2006, 10:45 AM
Great looking boats. [thumbup]

04-12-2007, 01:56 AM
Hello Art,

Great pictures, it made me feel like say I wish I was there :)

Slightly off topic, I think your car and my car has the same colour and I don't know what this colour is called, please enlighten me......... :)

04-12-2007, 11:29 PM
Thanks DC. Barkley Sound has become an annual trip for us over the past 6 years and we always manage to see something different every time we paddle there.

That color is called Polar Arctic and was only available for model years 2001/2002. The subtle shade of blue was one of our favorites and seeing your rig brings back fond memories. :)

04-13-2007, 06:00 AM
That color is called Polar Arctic and was only available for model years 2001/2002. The subtle shade of blue was one of our favorites and seeing your rig brings back fond memories. :)

Thanks Art,

I have another question though.
Please click the below link, where you can see pics of my XC


So, Is my color POLAR ARCTIC or is it something else ?

Because you said this color was only for 2001-2002 V70XC.

This means your car was either model year 2001 or 2002. Please look at your picture and your car had different type of Side Mirrors than mine. How come they have different mirrors ? Shouldn't they be the same ? Or is that mean that maybe the color you mention and my car's are not the same ..

Please clarify

I bought this car second hand for my wife from a friend , I asked my friend but he doesn't know the difference either. I thought those (your) mirrors only appared on 2003 and later models ??

04-13-2007, 09:13 AM
Our cars paint colors are identical. The mirror specs varied depending on the country of export and the model level. I believe that there were actually two variations for those model years. The color coded versions with power retracting capability and the standard black mirrors. In some markets, there was a blending of both versions. North American XCs were all shipped with the standard black mirrors.

09-02-2007, 05:55 AM
Beautiful photographs there! When I'm in Canada, I'll be sure to invite myself/co-ordinate a paddling trip. Likewise, open invitation if you want to paddle in or around Sydney's beautiful warm waters.

I now have a large stash of roof racks but am yet to complete my newly acquired XC70 with a set of Thules. So for the moment the kayaks get transported on our 1999 V70XC.

Any advice? I'm thinking of getting the new side-on racks. I think you've got those? Am I seeing that right in the photos?

Also I notice the tow-hook protruding from your front bumper. That made me run straight to the garage to check out my car. I have two little covers. Back to the owners manual unless someone responds quickly with an explanation. :P

As soon as I've got my XC fully equipped and take it for it's first kayak run, I'll post some pictures.