View Full Version : Actual time of pickup at fdc

02-05-2003, 06:31 PM
The OSD package says to contact FDC 3 working days before arrival via telephone and/or Email at [email protected]

Is this when the delivery time of day is established? How much flexibility is there? Can one ask for a specific time slot? Is it best to get an early AM time slot vs. say the last one of the day?

Is FDC open every Mon-Fri during March? I don't see that there are any Swedish national holidays in March.


02-06-2003, 05:35 AM
i believe they take you on a first come, first serve basis.  mondays and fridays are the busiest days with sometimes as many as 15-18 deliveries?  ask alexandra for details.  we were originally scheduled for a monday but changed to tuesday about a week or ten days out.  alexandra and the fdc folks seemed not happy about this, maybe the swedish penchant for schedules?  but, they were very, very cordial and agreeable.  anyway, it turned out this was a great move as on tue-wed-thu they only average 3-6 deliveries per day (again, check with alexandra for figures).  when we arrived late morning, around 10:30.  there were three deliveries ahead of us.  after writing postcards, sending email, looking around, shooting pictures, and freshening up, we went to eat lunch.  when we returned from lunch, there was another delivery couple that had arrived and we let them go in front of us.  my impressions are that you will definitely have to wait on monday or friday, but when your turn comes you will be given complete/individual attention.  hope this is helpful.
barry, have you visited my www.virtualtourist.com, member homepage=RichardBlaine writeup with photos?  lots of the questions you have i have answered on that site, with the photos.
thanks for the questions though, helps me know that i am not the only compulsive one around.  also, my wife gave me a hard time about my attention to detail in planning and executing our osd adventure.  now i show her this site and forum to demonstrate how "normal" i am.
good luck on your trip.  i am envious enough that i visited my dealer yesterday to inquire about trading in my 02 xc with 12k miles on it for another osd xc.