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01-23-2003, 09:39 PM
Will Goteborg factory fix things that are discovered needing attention after pickup and touring about and delivering back to them for shipment? Will factory leave it for the USA dealership to fix otherwise?

What are the restrictions for leaving heavy or large items in the car to avoid carrying them back via SAS? Is it safe to do this even?

What does factory do with the gas in the tank prior to shipping?

Does factory wrap the car in that white plastic shrouding I see on newly delivered cars at my Volvo dealership?

Should I expect the car's mileage to be same plus a few extra ones maybe compared to what it is when dropped off at factory?

Low Tide
01-24-2003, 09:38 AM
Great questions.  I am eager to hear the response.  The only one I can answer is that the car must be EMPTY upon return to the drop-off location.  Any car that, upon inspection, contains items not of original specification (not including accessories) will be refused for transatlantic shipment. That's more or less a direct quote from memory.  I believe that it mentioned something about racks on the roof as well- meaning non-standard ones.  I will check the book and see if there is anything else I can relay.  The OSD rules book is quite large at the dealer- and only the regulations and requirements pertaining to pick up and drop off are included.

As for the "fixes"- yes, the FDC will make any adjustements requested or repairs at no charge when you drop it off- IF you drop it off there.... that's also from the OSD "book"  

I guess that is about it There is definately useful info on there... the OSD rules and regulations book that is...  Have the dealer make you a copy if Jason did not include the cliff notes version via your express package of goodies.

02-04-2003, 03:33 PM

first, the fdc will take care of everything at delivery and when you turn in for shipment.  i thought hans was perturbed with me when he initially 'introduced' us to our new car in the 'delivery' room (pun intended, even in swedish i think), because i whipped out MY inspection list and wanted to go through each and every item (see 'anal retentive' description in other forum comments).  my inspection list was 5 pages long and had three major categories: visually inspect, operate, and test on test track.  after a few minutes of working through the "inspect" items, it seemed to me that hans actually appreciated my list because it covered everything, including the rear seat cooler box accessory.  there were no problems at delivery, but i feel sure they would have fixed them on the spot.  another couple, taking delivery of a c70 convertible, had some problems, but they were related to the couple showing up a day early and verbally reporting additional ordered items that were not on the delivery sheet.  a word to the wise.  at turn-in, we discovered, through the turn-in inspection, that the plastic, warm-air vent UNDER the driver's seat had come loose.  it was marked on the inspection sheet, and when we picked up the car at the dealer, it was re-attached.

second, we were told that we could not ship anything back in the car, BUT we did put the center section of the rear seat in the original box for the rear seat cooler and placed it in the storage area.  it arrived safely, still taped shut.  we also left a small, 3 legged camping stool in the hidden storage compartment along with a tire gage, first aid kit, warning triangle, small blanket, water bottle with water, flashlight, pen & notebook, ziplock bags, 100' piece of nylon rope, pocketknife, and pair of pliers in the spare tire area.  all arrived safely.  we did, however, lose the 'Stones "Bridges to Babylon" cd that was left in the cd player.

third, we gassed up in fredrikshavn, denmark before ferrying back to gothenborg.  consequently we had an almost full tank of gas in the car when we turned it in for shipment.  it was still almost full when we picked it up at the dealer in el paso, tx.

fourth, i saw the car being unloaded from the truck in el paso when it arrived.  it did not have the plastic protective sheets on it, but this is not to say they were not on there for ocean shipment.  good question, i do not know the answer.  i can report seeing cars lined up for shipment on the dock in gothenborg, some with the plastic sheets, some without.  draw your own conclusion?

lastly, our car had 10.4 extra miles on it when it arrived in el paso.  my guess is 4-5 miles in gothenborg, fdc to docks and 4-5 miles in brunswick, ga, ship to/thru customs.  >2 miles on car carrier/at dealer.

hope this is helpful.  i sure do envy you.