View Full Version : XC90 Windshield Replacement

02-06-2018, 03:01 PM
I have a 2017 XC90 Inscription loaded with everything, including the heads up display (HUD). A rock hit my windshield and now I am needing to replace the windshield. My insurance company normally uses Lynx, but I insisted on an OEM windshield. The agent said it is cheaper to get the exact OEM windshield without the Volvo logo on it. Apparently glass companies can purchase the same windshield from the manufacturer without the logo on it and since it is not marked up by the dealer, cheaper. Any idea who makes Volvo's XC90 windshields? Any reason not to go this route?

11-26-2018, 06:28 PM
I'd be wanting a guarantee that the thru-windsheld sensors (camera and LIDAR collision-avoidance) will be re-installed correctly. These have to be optically coupled to the windshield glass. If this is botched, your car will be sending console messages about this and that sensor system is malfunctioning. Once your insurance guy understands all the technical gear that has to be compatible with the windshield, it might push him towards the OEM replacement part.