View Full Version : Bluetooth and PCC questions

05-08-2015, 07:42 AM
Hey Guys,

I just picked up a 2013 XC60 T6 Platinum and I love it.

I'm a little confused however with the steering wheel controls. Am I right to assume I cant answer or end a phone from the steering wheel if I'm not in the TEL menu? I understand I can use the buttons on the front panel, but that cant be the only way. Maybe I'm used to cars with dedicated buttons, but this seems counter intuitive. Seems like this may be a software update to the system?

Also, is there somehwere in the menu's to see that the XC60 is update on Software? I have the PCC for remote start and keyless entry. It MAYBE works about 30% of the time. The lock and unlock range from the fob is about 10ft if the stars align properly, not the 330ft as advertised. If not, I usually have to touch the key to the handle to get the "keyless" entry to work. And yes, I replaced the batteries.

I'll be taking it back to the dealership to have them look at it soon, but I'd like to be prepared when I go there if they say this is "normal"

08-06-2015, 01:57 PM
Since I have the 2016 with the newer Sensus Connect, my experience would probably be different from yours. The only problem I have had with my smart phone interacting with the car is that I have not been able to transfer my contact list from the phone to the car. But since I can simply hit the contact listing on the phone and use the car phone, it is not a big deal for me.