View Full Version : Xc60 2013 headlamp issues

Bob Ward
12-21-2014, 09:53 AM
Hi all, as a new member I would like to start by praising the general build quality of my first XC that I have owned now for 12 months. However I have a safety related issue with the headlamps.
After the first annual service and software upgrade the dipped beam headlamps are far too high and I am regularly being flashed by oncoming vehicles if I respond to indicate that I am on dipped beam there is always a risk of a collision.
I have taken the vehicle back to my local Volvo agent who service the vehicle and they have checked and reset to the lowest position but the issue remains. Has anyone experienced this issue or could it be a problem related to the 20 Cratus wheels that are fitted? The dealer mentioned sensors in the axles, is this fact?
I would appreciate other owners comments before I speak to Volvo HO