View Full Version : XC60 T5 2011 best options for rear camera?

07-21-2014, 04:57 AM
It has no space for a screen display but replacing the rear view mirror with a special one that displays the rear view is also problematic because it would stop city safe from working. There are clip-on rear view mirror rear camera options but I'm concerned the clips might also interfere with city safe and the dealer said they were problematic and move around.

Would this clip on be very likely to interfere with city safe?

http://www.thecarkitcompany.com.au/the-car-kit-company-smartview-rvm-43-rear-vision-display-clip-on.html )

The dealer says the car's rain sensors also make it difficult but the default setting is "off" and I'm happy not to use them. Are they really a problem then? The dealer actually sells new Volkswagen's and doesn't even know much about Volvo's (I'm buying second hand from the dealer).

I still want city safe to work.

I have heard wireless has improved recently but still not as good. I want a really good quality system that works consistently in darkness and when raining etc.

Please advise on my best options and costs involved. I live in Melbourne Australia


Thanks for reading my post