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03-31-2014, 12:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

Please join the GGVCOA and SacVCOA for the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!
Saturday, April 5, 2014 – Sunday, April 6, 2014

Event details for both days are still being finalized, so for the latest details, check the chapter websites:

Davis Meet Weekend
Hosted by GGVCOA & SacVCOA
April 5, 2014 - April 6, 2014

This year we will be celebrating the 16th anniversary of this event, and the 31st anniversary of the Volvo Club of America! At the Car Show on Sunday, we will present awards in over 20 different categories with most of them being selected by People’s Choice voting. There will be multiple vendors attending and bringing great gift certificates (IPD, GROM, and many more!). As always, we will have awesome raffles with great prizes and other swag! All this and much more will make Davis 2014 epic!

A brief and incomplete description of the weekend events include (please check the Golden Gate & Sacramento Chapter websites for the latest info):

SATURDAY, April 5th: No autocross this year, but we are scheduling a Poker Run that will conclude with the very popular Auto-X rehab party at the Sacramento Chapter past-president’s personal Volvo-themed auto garage. Good food, an engine blow, dyno-pulls, detailing and window-tinting services are all on tap for this year's party. Check the Sacramento Chapter's website, www.sacvolvoclub.org for the latest details.

SUNDAY, April 6th: After a good night’s rest from the previous day's activities, or a beautiful drive in from wherever you're coming from, comes the main event! Gates open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 10:30 a.m., but the fun continues through the Awards Ceremony at 1:30 p.m. "Volvo" is the preferred language of the day, and there's no better place to hang out with friends, fellow Volvo enthusiasts, and talk with each other about the amazing selection of Volvos (vintage, stock, brick, modified, etc.). Throughout the day, there will be random activities and multiple raffle drawings for amazing prizes.

Pre-registration is available on the Golden Gate website (http://www.ggvcoa.com/events/davis-2014/) and closes at 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, April 3rd.

If you miss the pre-registration deadline, no worries, as you can pay at the gate. The general price for the event will be only $25 per car. If you're bringing a wagon with the optional extra seat and it's full of people it is still only $25! VCOA members will receive an additional value-added service during registration or at the entry gate. (Swap meet sales spaces have a different price.) Details at: www.facebook.com/ggvcoa or www.ggvcoa.com

(Now for the Disclaimer: The events, services, and schedule of the Davis Meet Weekend are currently still in development and may change/cancel at any time. We have no control over the weather, earthquakes, vendors dropping out, or traffic :-). The items and services listed above represent only a partial list of the schedule currently in development. There is a real chance the show might be even more awesome than described above!)

See you at the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!

03-31-2014, 12:40 AM
Hi Everyone,

Please join the GGVCOA and SacVCOA for the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!
Saturday, April 5, 2014 – Sunday, April 6, 2014

Event details for both days are still being finalized, so for the latest details, check the chapter websites:

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Poker Run and Pre-Davis BBQ Party Events Hosted by the Sac Volvo Club

1. Poker Run
This event is replacing the Auto-X, and we are working hard to make sure it fulfills the same goals:
-Raise money for a selected charity (TBD)
-Provide award/prize for winner (TBD)
-And, be FUN!!

Details are still being planned and will be updated on the Chapter website as they become finalized.

-We need volunteers to make this work.
-The event is based on donating proceeds to charity.

Interested in volunteering during the event?
-We need 5-10 volunteers to staff the stop locations (more = better!)
-Please have a cell phone so we can contact you while at the stop location.

Please contact me (SacVCOA webmaster) with questions, to RSVP, and/or to volunteer:

2. Pre-Davis BBQ at Mark's Facility
Official Topic on the Turbobricks forum can be seen here:

Current Details:
At Mark’s Shop
RSVP and/or attend the Poker Run for location details

Party to start at ~2P
And end after the last person leaves.

-Cost of bring your own food/snacks & drinks.
-Optional costs for dyno runs, tinting, professional detailing.

-Party Set-Up:
--Mark could use a few people for pre-set-up on Friday the 4th. Mark's shop around 6pm. Clean tables, get BBQ's ready, clean up parking lot, etc. Let Mark know if you can help for a few hours.

-This year’s Pre-Davis Party will include:
--Food: Bring your own food and BBQ.
---This is a bring your own food event. Should be a lot of extras from people, but bring something...Pot-luckish.
---Mark will have two or three Webbers and some charcoal, but bring an extra bag of charcoal if you have one.
--Also bring your own water/sodas, snacks, hats, sunscreen, chairs, etc.
--If you want alcoholic drinks, you gotta bring your own and be responsible about it.
--No car smash this year, but the dyno guy will be back:
--Chassis dyno (Dynojet) offering 3 pulls for $60.
--The tint shop next to my shop will be open during the Party and will offer tinting for most Volvos at a "party rate." Pricing TBD. Last year prices included: back window, rear door windows, and 2 small rear windows. Prices will be more to add front side windows or to remove old tint etc. This is a great deal as this guy really knows what he is doing. First come, first served. Let me know if you are planning on getting your sled tinted. The tint guy trying to figure out how many of his guys to keep on that evening.
--Lift and shop will be open for minor projects
--Car wash area / station
--Jake will be available for professional detailing

-The parking for the party will give preference to Volvo's in the parking lot, non-Volvo's on the street.
-All are welcome!

Pre-Davis BBQ Party details will also be updated as they become more finalized/coordinated with the Poker Run.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!

03-31-2014, 12:51 AM
Hi Everyone,

Please join the GGVCOA and SacVCOA for the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!
Saturday, April 5, 2014 – Sunday, April 6, 2014

Event details for both days are still being finalized, so for the latest details, check the chapter websites:

Sunday, April 6, 2014
16th Annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Co-Hosted by the GGVCOA & SacVCOA

Pre-Registration open at GGVCOA Website:

The annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet is one of the larger Volvo events on the West Coast, drawing 100+ Volvos and 200+ members from Southern CA all the way up to the state of Washington and across the Sierras to the state of Nevada and regularly sees visitors from Arizona and Texas. It is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests, model of Volvo, compare notes on restoration/modification projects, buy/sell parts, as well as see the newest trends in the Volvo brand.

All Volvos are welcome whether they are a work-in-progress, a daily driver, showroom beauty, or a highly modified (race) car.

Meeting location:
Central Park
401 C Street
Davis, CA 95616
(Entrance gate at 3rd Street & C Street)
Google Map (will open in new tab/window):

Google Map Restaurant Search (will open in new tab/window):

Google Map Motel Search (will open in new tab/window):

8:00A- Gates Open
9:00A- Show Starts
10:30A- Gates Close
1:30P- Awards Presentation

Pre-Register at the GGVCOA website:

Car Show Pre-Registration: (one parking space) = $25.00 / vehicle
--$5.00 in raffle ticket bonus for: Pre-registration or verified VCOA Members
Swap Meet Pre-Registration: (two parking spaces) = $40.00 / vehicle
--All items, including vehicles, must fit into the allocated spaces
--Additional tickets may be purchased if additional spaces are required

Online Pre-Registration will be closing Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 9 p.m. Pacific.
Registrations accepted on day of event. We accept cash, check and credit card.

Show highlights (as of March 2014):

"People's Choice" voting categories
Sweet 16 Anniversary of the Davis Car Show and Swap Meet
40th Anniversary of the 240, 30th Anniversary of the 740, and the 20th Anniversary of the 850 T5R!
Coming to Davis with one of these models? Contact Justin Lee, GGVCOA President (http://www.ggvcoa.com/contact-us/)
National Coverage in Rolling Magazine AND European Car Magazine
Photographers: Please contact Elizabeth Brown, SacVCOA Webmaster (http://www.sacvolvoclub.org/Home/contactus) if you will be at the either event (Saturday and/or Sunday) as there is an opportunity to have your photos published.
Main Show Sponsors / Raffle Donors:


Call for Volunteers!

This year's Show is on track to be a record-breaking one, and as the Show grows, so does the need for volunteers. We estimate that we'll need about 20 volunteers, so if you're undecided about helping out, this is the year to do it.

Yes, it's your chance to give back to the Volvo community, and it's fun, educational, and good for you. Experience not needed, we provide training. Choose your shift— first shift people get done early and avoid the crowd for parking. See the list below, if you can help out, please let us know ASAP!

Gate/Parking: Direct drivers to correct parking area or collect entry fees and hand out registration packets.
-First Shift: 7:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
-Second Shift: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Raffle: Sell raffle tickets and chapter merchandise.
-First Shift: 10:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
-Second Shift: 12:55 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for the Gate/Parking or Raffle positions, please e-mail Justin Lee, GGVCOA President (http://www.ggvcoa.com/contact-us/) and let him know the post and shift that you want.


Photographers: If you have a good quality, high-resolution digital camera, we need you to take photos of the cars and happenings at the Show. There is also an opportunity to have your photos published in one of two national magazines. Last year, seven members had their photos published!
-First Shift: 8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
-Second Shift: 11:15 a.m. to end of show (approx. 2:00 p.m.)

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for the Photographer positions, please e-mail Elizabeth Brown, SacVCOA Webmaster (http://www.sacvolvoclub.org/Home/contactus) and let her know the post and shift that you want.

We appreciate the help, and it is the volunteers that keep the club moving ahead.
Let’s make Saturday and Sunday great VCOA events!

We look forward to seeing you all at the 16th Annual Davis Meet Weekend!

04-03-2014, 08:37 PM
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are looking forward to the Davis Meet Weekend!

Poker Run & Pre-Davis BBQ Party- Saturday, April 5, 2014
Davis Car Show & Swap Meet- Sunday, April 6, 2014

Full event details can be found at the Sac Volvo Club Website:

A quick reminder:
The Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Pre-Registration closes today at 9P PST.

After the pre-registration closes, you will be able to register at the gate on the day of the event.

Volunteers are needed for the Davis Car Show.
If you can volunteer for the Car Show event, please contact Justin Lee, GGVCOA President:


Poker Run Update:
We are a go!
We all route locations have been approved!

Here are the details:

Meeting Location/Start Location:
Napa Auto Parts
4635 Northgate Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
Interactive Google Map (will open in new tab/window):
https://www.google.com/maps/place/NAPA+Auto+Parts+-+Genuine+Parts+Company/@38.6272278,-121.4825185,13z/data=!4m9!1m6!2m5!1snapa+auto+parts+northgate+sacr amento!3m3!1snapa+auto+parts!2sNorthgate,+Sacramen to,+CA!3s0x809ad7058ce7641b:0x899a4c6bc118f5db!3m1 !1s0x0:0x779608c07033d12e

Start Time:
Start Location opens at 10:00A for registration/orientation
Start Location closes between 10:30A - 10:45A as we will be leaving for the second location.
We are running this as a Rolling Poker Run, where the volunteers travel with the participants (so that everyone can enjoy the day).
-->So, this means that you must leave with the group from the start location to be able to participate.<--

Full Route Details and a Map will be provided on the day of the event to participants.

As with the Autocross, there will be no pre-registration-- only day-of-event registration.
Entrance Fee = $10 for all participants (drivers and passengers)
Extra poker hands = $5 each
Please try to bring exact cash/small bills as we will have limited change on hand.
We cannot accept ATM/Credit Cards.
We encourage you to bring some extra money to support the locations we will be stopping at (options include snacks, drinks, souvenirs, etc.).

We also encourage you to bring your camera and take photos and/or videos of the route and stop locations.

The End Location will be in a shopping center with a variety of stores and restaurants, so that those continuing on to the Pre-Davis BBQ can purchase supplies while those leaving for other destinations can shop or eat with one of the other merchants.

More updates will be posted if there are any changes.

Hope to see you all at the Davis Meet Weekend!

Take care,