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Well this trip was back in Christmas break 2013, we wanted to go to the snow and there was none out here on the west coast so we decided to take the 03 XC70 to Idaho! I had just bought this about a week before the trip, found it on craigslist here in San Diego. It was pretty clean with relatively low miles 120K but no service history. Test drove the hell out of it and ended up pulling the trigger at $2600, went ahead and changed all the fluids and filters, new wiper blades and threw on the 18"pegs with m+s 235/45 on loaded her up with the three of us and a few bags for a couple weeks and hit the road. A thousand miles and 16 or so hours later we arrived at my aunties house in IF (Idaho Falls) snow on the ground my son was in heaven! The next 12 days we were all over, the palisades, island park, west yellowstone, jackson hole, grand targhee, driggs to name a few the XC ran great all the way till we left jackson hole in a bit of snow storm and on the way down the grade into victor idaho I tried to use the manual mode of the auto box when the shift lever broke off in my hand!!! I think the grade is about 10% my wife started freaking out, I said we are fine for now dont know how we will get it into park later though!! Long story short the shift was broke but it is still connected via cables so I was able to manipulate into park reverse drive for the rest of the trip. Got home went to the pick a part got a new shifter for $27 and unbolted the old bolted in the new and it was like new. Great trip the XC ran flawless and never got stuck, cant wait to do it again!
Chilledman's old manual swap, now dead due to stolen ECU. The reason for getting the 03 in the first place
The 03 in Idaho Falls after the 1K mile trip
Wyoming border near Palisades reservoir on the way to jackson
Island Park, ID snow machine heaven
Island Park

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antler arches in jackson, wy
The elk refuge in jackson, wy
the grade out of jackson, coming down the other side is when I broke the shift lever
At my brother and sister in laws, driggs idaho

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Once I replaced the broken one I knew why it broke when I tried to use the manual mode; Because it was broken to begin with!
back in Diego 3k miles later

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Nive photo ! Thank you to condivide !