View Full Version : WTB XC 70 or XC 90 2007-2009 Mod. Yr.

02-10-2014, 06:05 AM
Live in louisville KY and inventory seems scarce on XC70's within a couple hundred miles. XC 90 is more widely avail. BUT im nervous about the whole xc90 3.2L engine/transmission issue.

If anyone knows of some quality xc70 or 90's for sale within a days drive i would consider a purchase.

Any tips on how to spot a good or a bad xc90? I love the 90 for the room and amenities BUT there is something about he xc70 that I cant shake off!

First post so go easy on me !

02-10-2014, 08:33 AM
Not an easy answer
If you do not know how to "look" at a car to see if it's a good one, it's hard.
As for the mechanicals, have whatever you buy checked out by a qualified Volvo mechanic before you buy.

If you may want a low mileage XC70, I have two in the classifieds for sale. A gorgeous white and a rare Ocean Race edition.
Both are near perfect vehicles, just read the ads and see all the pretty pictures!

My Volvos are the best around, just ask on any of the Volvo websites

I'm in PA, a (long) day's drive