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11-29-2013, 12:15 PM
Snowbird Run III.....Overland again to Maroc with some new places to explore when we get there!


From Start to End, The countries we are travelling through by their Flags…


Autoroute Maps consisting of…..

1) Route down to Maroc…..


2) Route while in Maroc…..

You will have to join the ‘Pushpins’ as you travel in the ‘Third Seat’ please as AutoRoute has not been programmed to do that in this country!


3) Finally the return from Maroc…..


Welcome to your place in the ‘Third Seat’ which we hope you find comfortable in Flamenco Red and enjoy the tour which I will try to keep updated as we go.….

12-04-2013, 07:32 AM
Stage 1 “Across to France ”

“Good Morning”

While it was ‘Up & Away’ this morning, after making sure that the 10Kg of Porridge was packed safely (Breakfast fit for a King!) and everything else was secure before departure, we once again set off along the same roads in the UK to reach Folkestone and ‘The Channel’ (Le Manche) for the 45 minute trip on Eurotunnel to France.

You don’t really get much choice in this country for alternative routes as we are rather over infested with vehicles when getting from A to B, while getting there happily and safely to a large extent depends on the day and time you travel!!.

First job is once the ‘Tin Tent’ is hitched up and we are off is to head out of Wales which is the ‘Free’ bit as you only have to pay on the way in as you can see in the next picture with the Toll Booths on the right hand side….


Then it’s a steady speed along the M4 Motorway…..


As we then go over the Second Severn Crossing…..


While the next stop after a quick ‘comfort break’ was the entrance for Eurotunnel and ‘Le Manche’ but you have to be in the right lane, don’t want to get mixed up with the Trucks!


Roll on down to ‘Check in’ and pick a crossing time as we are early….


Then park up and get into the Terminal to check email and last minute messages with the folks back home and after a half decent coffee, quick visit to the ‘restroom’ and spot this on the way in. Taken when England met France as ‘Le Manche’ was dug out…..


Job done, back out and I then received a message from the friends who are coming with us this time to advise us that they have had clutch ‘problems’ and have been towed to a garage in Boulogne, so we agree to call in and see them on our way when we get over and then head back to Flamenco Red, change over the headlight beams and we are off for the 45 minute crossing, and out the other side into the DARK!


Next stop Boulogne to see our friends, and find them sat outside the garage in their Camper as the clutch has decided to fail, while the garage does not reopen until Monday morning.

As there is nothing we can do we agree to take a slow down the run to the Morocco Ferry until they can catch up and hope that the garage can resolve the ‘problem’ ASAP, with that we then set off for our first night in Montreuil….

Bonne Nuit (French ‘Good night’)

12-04-2013, 07:52 AM
Stage 2 “South through France to Marboue”


After arriving in Montreuil we found that the Aires that we normally stop at was fully occupied by a group whom we think were operating a Fairground in the town centre, so after a 180 Degree turn around, and a visit to the Gazole Station we ended up at Lidl which we saw was up for sale or rent, parking up on the carpark for a nice quiet night.
While this was the sight that greeted us on Sunday morning as the Sun came up…..


After a quick coffee we were on the road again watching further interesting views of the Sunrise….



Trundling down the road we spot this rather ‘Dumpy’ Plane over in an airfield but could not get close enough to determine what type it was…..


Finally we arrive at the town for our next night called Marboue….



Having found the actual place we see that there is only one other unit there, while later on the place was full, but we were the only ‘Tin Tent’….

With the view over to the river and the road bridge that we will travel over in the morning….


Found ourselves being ‘spied on’ by this little fellow in the tree behind us…


As it was our first time here in Marboue we decided to go for a look around the town with the following results…..




As the light started to fade quite quickly it was back to the ‘Tin Tent’ for dinner at which point as we came to wash up, that we found the Micro-switch in the kitchen tap has ‘failed’ although from past experience I think it is the wires inside as the copper wire work hardens and breaks, so that’s another job to add to the list which seems to be ever growing on this trip so far!

Bonne Nuit (French ‘Good night’)

12-04-2013, 09:05 AM
Stage 4 “South through France to Sauveterre”


Woke to a start of -3C this morning with all the windows iced up on both the ‘Tin Tent’ & ‘Flamenco Red’, then couldn’t remember how to get the door mirrors to de-frost, which read later was by pushing the Defrost Button for the Rear Window which also clears the Door Mirrors! DUH!!!

Once on the road it wasn’t long before we ran into FOG!


As we found that the main road South that was the Route National (N10) has been upgraded into 3 lanes but to stay off away from the Toll Gate just South of Bordeaux you need to get off at Junction 18 and head for a small town called Pissos in the direction of Mont de Marsan…..


Then head to Junction 17 and continue South, which is what we did…..


After getting off again at Junction 12 again before the Toll Gate we headed for Dax and continued to Sauveterre de Bearn with a view as we got there of the Snow covered Pyrenees that we will go over tomorrow....







While stood opposite the building in the picture above I managed to contact our friends who are still in Boulogne for an update of how they are doing using a WiFi connection provided very kindly by the Bank that is behind me!

Their clutch has failed, but it also seems that instead of the garage towing their Camper (RV) into the garage from the main road on which it was parked, they put it in gear and used the starter motor to wind it into the workshop! :mad::mad: [nonono][nonono]

The garage have now also advised them that they have a ‘faulty’ starter motor which also has to be replaced!

When they decided to come with us I advised them to take out ADAC Breakdown cover as the UK Breakdown companies will not cover you for Morocco, so they did, and their service has been exemplary as they sorted out hotel accommodation for the duration of the repair, at no cost to our friends, while also paying the labour charges incurred on the repair.

I don’t think that events in Boulogne have yet been finalised as they are not back on the road yet which is really annoying them, so will update the blog with any further news as we receive it.

Bonne Nuit (French ‘Good night’)

12-04-2013, 01:40 PM
Stage 5 “South through France into Spain & Navarette”


Bit warmer this morning at +2C, and unlike last year we have managed to leave Sauveterre in daylight this morning as last time we left in the dark and missed all the nice scenery!





That Snow sure is getting closer……




After some ‘Hill Climbing’ we come to the start of the entrance to St Jean Pied de Port which is a bit tight in places thanks to some drivers who don’t know or care how they park their vehicles!





Now pay attention as we have to bear left just in front of that building directly in front of us if you want to take the right road!


Then start ‘Hill Climbing’ again on the way to Spain….






Finally ‘The French/Spanish Border’ which we went through last time in the darkness, and the picture ended up as a row of coloured lines!


Climbing ever upward, the little white line in the next picture was the last one as the road got decidedly narrower for around 800 yards!



Then we got out into a bit of proper daylight….


While the light went from good to darker, depending where the Sun was….




Then we reached the ‘Snow Line’ with some very tight Hairpin Bends, tighter than the bends in a Paper Clip…..









Finally up at the top of this pass……


‘All together now’ “On top of Old Smokey all covered in Snow”

Time for a bit of Breakfast Porridge


1057m above Sea Level, while the Barometer dropped off the scale….


Now on the downhill run, but very glad the Sun had warmed up the road….


But another village with a very narrow road, which caused a small truck to put his n/s front wheel in the rain gully that was around 6 inches deep to get far enough over so that the Fire Truck could get past. He then very nicely reversed pulling his n/s front wheel out of the gully and went past us as we waited for the road to clear up a bit to let us through….







Finally reaching the town for our next halt which was planned for just one night but in view of our friends not being with us we will stay for at least 2 nights, which will give me some time to fix a couple of small ‘problems’…


Buenos Noches (Spanish ‘Good night’)

12-04-2013, 08:58 PM
As usual interesting shots. I am amazed by how green the country side still is, never mind the trees that still have their leaves.
Hopefully your friends get up and running soon. What kind of rig are they running?
You mention a micro switch on your tap. What is that for/how does it work? I suspect to turn the water pump on to get water flow? Over here I think that most RV's here when not on pressurized water use a pressure drop to turn on the water pump.

12-04-2013, 10:13 PM
As usual interesting shots. I am amazed by how green the country side still is, never mind the trees that still have their leaves.
Hopefully your friends get up and running soon. What kind of rig are they running?
You mention a micro switch on your tap. What is that for/how does it work? I suspect to turn the water pump on to get water flow? Over here I think that most RV's here when not on pressurized water use a pressure drop to turn on the water pump.

Hi ssicarman!

You are not the only one who is surprised to see the amount of leaves that are still on the trees, while back home there were very few left as we came away.

Our friends who are hoping to be back on the road today albeit with a 670 Mile drive to catch up, are in a 4 Tonne Camper (RV) which has only covered 44,000 Miles when the clutch gave out as the engine is a 2.8 Turbo Diesel. [mad2]

The water system in the 'Tin Tent' is not pressurised & relies on a micro-switch completing the 12v circuit to activate the water pump when the tap is opened, but as you swing the tap around to get either hot or cold water coming through you 'flex' the 12v wires inside which over time because they are copper with pvc insulation the copper hardens and breaks along with the insulation and the tap fails to work.

It happened on the previous 'Tin Tent' after about the same time frame and while it could be seriously improved with a much better design I fitted an external switch to the tap which worked just as well and at around $5 for the switch as opposed to $90 for a new tap assembly it was a hell of a lot cheaper! [thumbup]

12-05-2013, 09:56 AM
Stage 5A “Rest day in Navarrete”

“Buenos Dias”

While using today to resolve a few ‘problems’ with the ‘Tin Tent’, this morning we got word from our friends in the Camper that they have managed to set off from Boulogne (France).

After having a new clutch fitted the garage contacted them to advise them that they also needed a new starter motor, as the one fitted was ‘faulty’ however it seems very likely that instead of towing the camper into the workshop, the garage used the starter motor to ‘crank’ the camper in as the camper recorded a very heavy current drain on the battery at the time it was moved into the workshop.

Our friends meanwhile checked out of their hotel expecting to go over to the garage to collect it, and when they arrived the camper was missing!

The reason for this was that the Repair Garage damaged the bodywork of their camper, did not bother to contact them to let them know but sent it off to a body repair shop to be fixed.
A short search found it next door having repairs carried out to the bodywork.
So they ended up spending a third night back in the same hotel and managed to get in their Camper at 11:00 this morning to set off on the 928 Mile run to catch us up at our next stop which will be Caceras!

Meanwhile a short trip into Navarrete for us to get some groceries and we see that while a number of shops have presumably gone out of business and closed down, the council are re-laying the main but quite narrow road through the town.



The turning a corner we see this nice little square….


Then go along one of the narrow streets at the back of the town…


While a short distance along we see a number of what appear to be very old wooden doors, some of which could do with a sprucing up, while others could do with the brickwork repairing…..




Back on the road again tomorrow and hopefully some Sunshine as today has been very cloudy and quite cold!

Buenos Noches (Spanish ‘Good night’)

12-05-2013, 03:05 PM
Hi XCovlov ! How are you ? I think well and everything is ok if you are on the road again !

12-05-2013, 09:46 PM
Hi ssicarman!

You are not the only one who is surprised to see the amount of leaves that are still on the trees, while back home there were very few left as we came away.

Our friends who are hoping to be back on the road today albeit with a 670 Mile drive to catch up, are in a 4 Tonne Camper (RV) which has only covered 44,000 Miles when the clutch gave out as the engine is a 2.8 Turbo Diesel. [mad2]

The water system in the 'Tin Tent' is not pressurised & relies on a micro-switch completing the 12v circuit to activate the water pump when the tap is opened, but as you swing the tap around to get either hot or cold water coming through you 'flex' the 12v wires inside which over time because they are copper with pvc insulation the copper hardens and breaks along with the insulation and the tap fails to work.

It happened on the previous 'Tin Tent' after about the same time frame and while it could be seriously improved with a much better design I fitted an external switch to the tap which worked just as well and at around $5 for the switch as opposed to $90 for a new tap assembly it was a hell of a lot cheaper! [thumbup]

Different way to me of doing things. When I mentioned pressurized water I meant hooked up to a campsite supply system. I have limited experience with newer campers here. The newest we have had was a rental hard side trailer with fold out/down beds in 2006 for a trip to Missouri. The tap water system when not hooked to campground water would activate the electric pump when you turned the tap on and the system lost pressure. So the system always keeps a bit of pressure.
Seems to me that your system as you are finding out is looking to break down. That said I am not sure how long the pressure switch in the pump is good for. 5$ fix is much better than a 90$ one though.

12-06-2013, 11:29 AM
Different way to me of doing things. When I mentioned pressurized water I meant hooked up to a campsite supply system. I have limited experience with newer campers here. The newest we have had was a rental hard side trailer with fold out/down beds in 2006 for a trip to Missouri. The tap water system when not hooked to campground water would activate the electric pump when you turned the tap on and the system lost pressure. So the system always keeps a bit of pressure.
Seems to me that your system as you are finding out is looking to break down. That said I am not sure how long the pressure switch in the pump is good for. 5$ fix is much better than a 90$ one though.

While very few campsites have the facility to hook up to a direct water feed, and if they do have it's called a 'Super Pitch' and could cost around 25/30% MORE!

On the previous 'Tin Tent' (Same model & manufacturer) the cables to the microswitch lasted about the same time, but I guess that is the sort of longevity and poor reliability we seem to experience over here along with the 'Rip Off Price' for replacements! :mad:

You just need to apply a bit of logical step analysis to a work around that will last a hell of a lot longer at minimal cost, especially as you are unable to get a 'proper replacement' as there are no shops within a 1000 Miles! [thumbup] ;);)

While I don't see why I should contribute some of my pension to a CEO/MD who sits in an Ivory Tower and charges extortionate prices for items with a bad service life. [nonono][nonono]

12-06-2013, 12:03 PM
Stage 6 “South through Spain to Caceres”

“Buenos Dias”

After a short rest and resolving a few ‘problems’ with the ‘Tin Tent’ we are off again on our way to Caceres which is around 340 miles further South, while yesterday we finally got word from our friends in the Camper that they have managed to set off from Boulogne (France).

The reason for their extra delay was that the Repair Garage damaged the bodywork of their camper, did not contact them to let them know but sent it off to a body repair shop to be fixed. Our friends meanwhile checked out of their hotel expecting to go over to the garage to collect, and when they arrived the camper was missing!
A short search found it next door having repairs carried out to the bodywork.

After having a new clutch fitted the garage contacted them to advise them that they also needed a new starter motor, as the one fitted was ‘faulty’ however it seems very likely that instead of towing the camper into the workshop, the garage used the starter motor to ‘crank’ the camper in as the camper recorded a very heavy current drain on the battery at the time it was moved into the workshop.

Meanwhile, back on the road and as we left Navarrete we see this line of cloud sitting on top of the hills on the other side of the valley…


Not long down the ‘Autopista’ (Toll Free Motorway) we had a surprise and thought for a minute we had by some very fast move arrived in Morocco when we saw the load on the roof of this vehicle, while the inside was just as fully ‘stuffed’ and all you could see was the driver!!


Making our way through either patches of low cloud or fog we got to this point where the cloud/fog cleared away to give us this view of more mountains bathed in clouds….





While the water level in the lake we passed last year seems to be higher….


After a run of 346 Miles we pulled into the campsite entrance and as I opened the door of ‘Flamenco Red’ to go and check in, a wonderful smell of Spaghetti Bolognese hit me as it came out from the Slow Cooker!
Dinner was being prepared/cooked as we came from Navarrete to Caceres by ‘Flamenco Red’ using the slow cooker and the 12V High Power Outlet in the back! [thumbup]

Buenos Noches (Spanish ‘Good night’)

12-10-2013, 08:16 AM

Always a great read!

12-10-2013, 08:03 PM

Care you don't spill popcorn in the car.

12-11-2013, 06:07 AM

Care you don't spill popcorn in the car.

Hey, if he makes a mess in the 'Third Seat' then he can get his 'asx' over here and clean it up! Flamenco Red would not be a 'Happy Bunny' :D:D

However 'Thanks for the compliment' Forkster.
Appreciate it. [thumbup]

12-11-2013, 06:19 AM
Stage 7 “South through Spain to Algeciras & Morocco”

“Buenos Dias”

Finally got back on Internet in Morocco so can now get the update loaded!

While I found out yesterday that when we are hooked up to a Main Electric Supply there is no charge going into the Leisure Battery from the Charger that is part of the electronics in the ‘Tin Tent’.

While having no circuit diagram or visibility of expected voltages from the different outlet points I think it’s a fair bet that when the reading at the majority of places is a big fat ‘ZERO’ it’s a safe assumption to say the Charger is buggered!
So it looks like we will be reliant on Solar Power only, as ‘Tin Tent’ Dealers in this neck of the woods are rather scarce!

After 3 nights at Caceres Camping, and having now been joined by our friends, it was time to get back on the road to Algeciras, and the Ferry across to Tanger Med & Morocco…..

So with a nice sunrise we set off…..



Passing the Vinyards….


New Power Line Pylons in the process of being built…..


Young Olive Trees in a rich reddish brown coloured soil…


Then the inevitable Spanish ‘Solar Power Farms’



With a quick detour for a few litres more of Diesel so that we can do the run to Algeciras in more or less one hit….



Then back on the ‘Autovia’ (Non Toll Road)…


Passing around the outskirts of Seville….


The pick up the ‘Autovia’ towards Cadiz, while still going around Seville….








As we then pass by the Spanish Guitar Statue….


The get off the ‘Autovia’ as we don’t fancy picking up the Toll Fee as we go around Cadiz so go onto the ‘normal’ road….


Finally back on another ‘Autovia’ quite close to Algeciras as we cross over a range of mountains that have a lot of high winds hence the Wind Turbines that never seem to stop turning, while it feels like you are either driving against a wall of wind or getting buffeted from side to side……



Closer towards Algeciras


We then can say ‘Adios’ to Torro the Bull…..


Next morning after getting the Ferry Tickets and a night spent with a number of other ‘Tourists’ bound for Morocco it was up with the larks and off at 08:00hrs, down to the Port to get the 10:00hrs Morocco Ferry….


Checked in, cleared Police and Immigration Control and now on the dockside seeing the ferry coming astern into the berth…..





Oops, sorry one of the ramps requires repairing before loading commences....


While the local Refuse Truck drives onto the boat to collect all the waste from the crossing just completed…..


While I turn to my right I see this splendid view of the Sun & Clouds over the Ferry Port…


Finally get on board and while waiting to set off, I get out on the rear deck and see a container ship alongside being offloaded…..



It took longer to write the words than it did for the crane to come and pick up this next container…..


The container section of the port has expanded quite a bit from last year….


Making our way out to sea we pass this small ferry which is being turned around with the aid of Tugs at the front and rear…..


While Gibraltar appears behind this vessel…..


In the background of the next picture are two container ships one of which seems to have double the capacity of the other, while an old ferry lies tied up to the quayside…..


With a clearer view of Gibraltar, we clear the quayside and make our way albeit 30 minutes late over to Morocco, where the ramps go down and we are second off and making our way to the Border & Police Control points….


While we saw more ‘Touts’ this time than last year, who would ask for your ‘papers’ scribble something illegible in the corner pronouncing all was in order and then ask for money, we also seemed to arrive at the same time as a couple of other ferries which made for a slow entry process as totally overloaded cars had parts of their loads inspected more closely to the annoyance of the drivers…


Then after visiting one of the local currency exchange banks inside the port compound, we were on our way and heading out of the port for a much needed Diesel fill up at a local garage…..


Then making our way to the Toll Road we started to catch up a few of the overloaded cars whose clutches were giving off a wonderful aroma associated with ‘burning’ which we also smelt while waiting in line for Border clearance…



While in the next picture, the BMW signals to overtake, while the driver of the other vehicle now wishing to be overtaken floors the accelerator, producing a Diesel ‘Black Smoke Screen’ from out of his exhaust and goes off down the hill and up the other side like a bat out of hell, with a side wind that is rocking the car quite a bit!


Continuing along a section of the Toll Road that we did not use last time we see fields completely covered in Polytunnels, of small, medium & large size, while on the campsite after we arrived we are offered Moroccan grown Strawberries and Raspberries in late December…..


Our first impression from last year’s trip is that Morocco is changing at a very fast pace, as we also saw a number of new developments being built…..

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-11-2013, 10:51 AM
Stage 7A “A day back in Moulay Bousselham”

“Salam Alaikum” (Good morning!)

After a nice peaceful night at the campsite we were woken at 05:45 this morning by the ‘Call to Prayer’ from what sounded like 3 Mosques in the town, so at around 06:30 as the Sun was rising I stepped outside to this view….


Then turning the other way there was quite a bit of noise and commotion from the Fishermen getting ready to set off on the incoming tide…..


While shortly after a number of them set off in ‘Line Astern’ along the channel to the open sea and a day’s fishing….


While more along the channel were getting ready…..


As the sky over the campsite continued to get lighter.…



Then it was back inside for some breakfast before we set off into town to get some bread and a Maroc Telecom Dongle to allow me to upload the updates…




As we made our way back to the campsite and looked over towards the lagoon we could see some of the Fishermen who set off early as they returned and started to sell their catch to all the locals and restaurants who came down to the boatyard…..


Finally passing some of the new houses just outside the campsite as we made our way in for some lunch and a nice ‘Berber Whiskey’ (Mint Tea) in the afternoon….


tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-11-2013, 11:03 AM
Hi XCovlov ! How are you ? I think well and everything is ok if you are on the road again !

Bon Giorno Giorgio!
My humble apologies for missing your 'Reply'!

'Flamenco Red' is still providing excellent service and reliability thanks to those Great Folks in 'Torslanda' Sweden who built the car! [thumbup][thumbup]

So we can still enjoy the driving and visiting such interesting places!

Enjoy! :D

12-12-2013, 09:02 AM
Stage 8 “Moulay Bousselham to Kenitra”

“Salam Alaikam”

Again this morning we were met with a nice sunrise before we set off on the next stage…..


Then it was off to the Toll Road for the short run to Kenitra passing the Cactus Plants as we travelled along….


With a nice quiet Toll Road in front of us, but it was only 08:30….



The ‘Sea Bed’? No it was the Clouds…


Not long and we are checked in and parked up ready for a bit of lunch as we called into the Marjane Supermarket on the way here for some shopping….


After which we set off into Kenitra centre passing this VW Passat that looks like it is being completely re-built….


Nice colour on a flowering bush….


The some of the sights in Kenitra…..



One of the main roads through the city looking up the road….


Then looking down the road…..


While in this small square was a nice fountain that has been missing it’s water for some considerable time as we saw by the amount of rubbish inside including a couple of old tyres!


While back in the Motor Repair section of town we pass a couple of Drive Shaft & Suspension Strut Repair Shops…..


Back on the road tomorrow for the next stage….

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-13-2013, 01:09 PM
Stage 9 “Kenitra to El Jadida”

“Salam Alaikam”

While the sunrise before we set off on the next stage was not that spectacular this morning I spotted this vehicle and ‘On Top Bedroom’ that arrived late last night…..


Then it was off to the Toll Road for the run to El Jadida , while thankfully following the correct section of road to get around Casablanca and not try to go through it!….


Passing by some of the outskirts of Rabat….


As we came into a Shell Garage and Service Area where it appeared there was a ‘Fell off the back of a lorry’ sale going on (This is an English expression for very cheap goods!)


The outskirts of Casablanca.…


Small Mosque on opposite side of Toll Road….


As Casablanca is a very large city, then the houses keep expanding, and this was a very new development….


Then now long after we came to a ‘stop/start’ with cars trying to squeeze through all over the place! (Sadly for some drivers they have no patience!)


While we thought this broken down Truck was the ‘problem’ sadly it was not to be the case…..


As we crawled along we then saw lots of people up on the pedestrian bridge across the Toll Road….


While in front of that bridge they were lining both sides of the road, as well as the next footbridge.….



Then we came to and saw part of the aftermath of the ‘accident’….


From the condition of the rear tractor unit wheels of the truck in front of the crushed car, it appears that they ran over the car…..


While a bit further down the road we see this small factory chimney pumping out a very thick ‘Pink Smoke’?


New Tyres anyone?


Not long after we are off the Toll Road and entering the outskirts of El Jadida….


Coming into the campsite we find a lot more units here than last year, but we are two weeks later than last time, but having checked out the facilities which we thought were not good last year, they have had nothing done to them to improve and have actually got far worse, so one night will be the maximum for this stop, even though we are 'self sustaining' but another visit will not to be repeated if we come back again, we will stay somewhere else….


Quick lunch and it was off into town…..


Passing this rather interestingly named restaurant…..


On the beach were quite a few local Football Matches going on…..


Making our way over to the entrance to the Port we were allowed in this time to have a look around, by a very helpful Police Officer on the gate….

As we came around the quayside buildings we see this fishing net being reloaded into the fishing boat, which is quite labour intensive as the crew lay out the net to allow it to pay out correctly when at sea…..


You may just be able to see part of the 6 or 7 deckhands making sure the net is laid out correctly on the deck….


While on this vessel it has all been stowed away….


Inner harbour with lots of little fishing boats in…..


Sorting some of the catch from the smaller fishing boats….


A couple of the ‘Middle’ sized fishing boats….


The ‘Ice Making Machine’ for freshly caught fish brought onto the dockside….


Interesting to see that on the Larger fishing boats there is a metal ‘skin’ fitted to the last upper section of the wooden hull, presumably to help it last longer….


A ‘Dhow’ in the shipyard being re-built…..


Looking across to the old Portuguese Walled City….



So we walked around and went inside…..







Then just inside a museum we found this little plan of the Portuguese City….


While also inside was the Portuguese ‘Cistern’ or fresh water system…..


Entrance Hall, where the ceiling consists of small bricks with mortar inbetween, and begs the question….’How did they get them to stay up and together with fresh mortar between the bricks as they are all alocoves?’


While underneath in the Cistern, the roof is constructed in exactly that same manner…..




Then in the middle is the very large well…..




While it’s back on the road tomorrow for the next stage….

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-14-2013, 12:53 PM
Stage 10 “El Jadida to Safi”

“Salam Alaikam”

Heading out of El Jadida this morning we again saw some of the new construction that has appeared since our trip last year …..


While we came back to the same road but the ‘roadworks’ & main drain replacement had moved a little further but not a lot, as we turned right via the ‘filter’ but then still had to move to the other side of the road!….


As further along the road the side we should have been on was a very large ‘trench’ behind the barrier….


New ‘Tarmacadam’ that wasn’t there last year, but didn’t last for a long distance, even though it was part of the route to Marrakech….


While the Bag. …


And Ceramic Stalls were still in place at the roadside….


Next little village and as it’s Saturday it was ‘chaos’ but then again this could be ‘normal’….


TomTom advised us to ‘Turn right’ instead of going through the town centre and we came up to some tree removal with just enough room on the Traffic island to squeeze through…..


While a little bit further along was the Horse Feeding ‘Station’…..


OK so the nice Tarmacadam has gone and we are back on the usual stuff that is crumbling at the edges….


Nice flowers along the wall at the ZIZ Garage where we stopped to get ‘Flamenco Red’ a liquid refill as opposed to a bag of oats like the horses!


While the Donkey & Horse Transport was seen all along the road….


Then this seems to be the correct way to load hay as we have seen it a few times! Just glad we weren’t following….


Moroccan ‘Speciality Fields' for 'growing' Plastic Bags…..


Rural ‘Transport’…..


While the Sheep graze at the roadside and the Shepherd tried to stop them ‘crossing the road’!


Then shortly after a Taxi coming towards us threw up a stone that tried to go through the windscreen! When it hit the sound was like a gunshot! OUCH!
The ‘Star’ effect of the stone strike is inside the Red Circle on the picture. [nonono]


On the outskirts of Safi…..



Then it wasn’t long to the campsite…..


Checked in, got set up, quick lunch and off for a trip into the city which is a place for Ceramics…..


Then we found what used to be the Portuguese Cathedral built in 1519, but now consists of one large room….


While the only part of any interest was the ceiling…..


As we came out we were ‘offered’ the services of the proprietor of the Portuguese Cathedral as it cost us 10 Dirhams each to visit the one room.
We declined the offer but interestingly we were still followed and watched as he jumped behind rows of items for sale on the stalls as we went along the passage in the market!





First ‘firing’ ceramic oven, from the top….


After some more ‘Fun & Games’ with one of the Ceramic producers when the end of an unrequested ‘Production tour’ ended in his shop to show us the ‘Art’ it was time to head back to the campsite….


As we made our way back alongside the Port we see this Three Masted Schooner flying the flag of Sweden, which we think was possibly a ‘Sail Training Ship’….


Once again when we got back we found that the facilities have deteriorated since our stay last year, so we have decided to move on again tomorrow and not spend the planned two nights here….

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-14-2013, 01:00 PM
Perfect timing on your part updating right now. Just sitting down to lunch. I now have something to look at. Thank you.

12-14-2013, 01:08 PM
Nice shots. To bad the camp sites are going downhill. The rock into the windshield is not good. Hope that it does not go far before you get home or someplace that can replace it.

Any good deals in the market?

12-15-2013, 01:18 PM
Perfect timing on your part updating right now. Just sitting down to lunch. I now have something to look at. Thank you.

I guess this 'Update' will be a bit late, but might make it in time for 'Dessert'?

12-15-2013, 01:22 PM
Nice shots. To bad the camp sites are going downhill. The rock into the windshield is not good. Hope that it does not go far before you get home or someplace that can replace it.

Any good deals in the market?

I wish! The new windscreen/shield will have to be notified to my insurance, and although they will cover the cost of a new one if required I will have to pick up the tab for the 'excess' which could be around $225.

While I will have to advise the insurance tomorrow which from here is not going to be an easy task.....[mad2]

12-15-2013, 01:36 PM
Stage 11 “Safi to Essaouira”

“Salam Alaikam”

Up and away by 08:30 after the ‘Call to Prayer’ was heard from the Mosque that was just across the road from the campsite at 06:00 this morning! While through the windows of the ‘Tin Tent’ it was looking a might ‘Foggy’!
Then it was confirmed……


However and quite interestingly I requested from the GPS (TomTom) to take us on the ‘Fastest Route’ instead of the ‘Limited Speed’ route, and we ended up eventually on the N1 South, instead of the ‘Coast Road’ that we used last year, while the ‘Fog’ was burnt off as the temperature climbed to 23C (73.4F) BUT Cannot forget the ‘0.4F’ for our friends across the Pond wot!….

So we now toddle along with some views of the ‘Route’ and have to admit that it was a better surface to travel along…..










Note the ‘Overloaded’ vehicle in the next picture while the Bureaucracy in the UK would argue that the vehicle is ‘Overloaded’ but in fact it is ‘Lightweight’ as there is no liquid in the Plastic Bottles that climb above the roof of the Vehicle Cab!



Didn’t expect to go through the ‘Mountains’ but had to change down in the Gearbox while ‘Flamenco Red’ emitted that lovely throaty ‘Growl’ as the Turbo kicked in and we started climbing, so enjoy the next few pictures as we roll over and around the Mountains…..












As we then came into the next town we think it might have been a Camel Market, as we saw 3 Camels being driven towards the market, the second Camel had his front feet ‘hobbled’ to stop him taking off! But for him it was proving difficult to keep up with the one in front….



Still trying to figure out how they got the Cows onto the top platform of the Truck, but very glad we were not alongside when the ‘Call of Nature’ came and the ‘Cow Pats’ dropped down!!!


More Ceramic offerings at the roadside ….


Then we were on the outskirts of Essaouaira ….


As we finally arrived at the campsite we found that it had literally been cut in half, and seemingly is not expected to last more than 2 to 3 years before going ‘Chapter 11’ (Closing down) as a Housing Development has moved in and is currently being built up ….


So having checked in it was time for a quick lunch and into the city for a look around…. .


OK, for anyone interested the ‘Beach Camel Rides’ are still taking place….


While the local Chapter of Harley Davidson Motorcyclists came into town for a day out…..


Meanwhile, down at the harbour/port while the sea was a bit rough, the little fishing boats were all secure inside the port….


We spotted these three boats in the stages of re-building that I think summarises the build process……

Strip back to ‘Shell’ and replace rotten/bad wood on frame…..


Rebuild using new materials too look like this……


Cover top section with around 3 Feet/1 Meter of metal casing on the wood frame to strengthen and reduce wear and tear on wooden section….


Two larger vessels in ‘Dry Dock’ while the left hand side has it’s propeller ‘removed’…..


‘Rough Seas’ so look for the ‘Cloud’ to the right of the Tower that is actually a wave crashing against the rocks……


With a bit more of the ‘Rough Seas’ a little further up the coast…..


While moving into the city itself we see…..





With a final view of the Camel waiting for a fare paying passenger in the dying sunshine as we make our way back to the campsite…..


tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-17-2013, 01:25 PM
Stage 12 “Essaouira to Tagazhoute”

“Salam Alaikam”

Lousy day yesterday with thick cloud and rain showers so after a quick trip into the town for vegetables, bread and a few sardines for dinner we came back to the campsite and listened to the pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof of the ‘Tin Tent’!
While today as they start work on the building site next door to the campsite at 07:30 we were up and away by 08:30 and off down the coast road, but it was to turn into one hell of a day after we got to our next campsite near Tagazhoute as you will see later.…











After 1.5 hours on the road we stopped for a nice coffee and noticed this rather resplendent building which was the HQ of a Female Co-operative as there is a lot of Argan Oil production in the area which is similar to Olive Oil but also has other properties and is very nice when sprinkled on salads…..




‘Yes’ they really are Tree Climbing Goats…..


While this one had not been taught ‘How to cross the road’ yet……






First sighting of a herd of Camels as we travel along the coast road….





While it was off the Tarmac and onto 1km of pisted road to the campsite….


Passing another herd of camels as we approached the campsite entrance….



Then a short while later as our friends rolled up ‘DISASTER’ as their Passenger side mirror was completely smashed by a French Camper/RV going in the opposite direction who failed to stop after the impact!!!…..



So after getting set up and removing the broken parts we then had some lunch before asking for some help from the campsite owner who called a man in Agadir who listened to what the campsite owner said after which we set off to go and see him keeping our fingers crossed that he could assist while ‘The Lady with the Camera’ took a few pictures around as the Camel herd was found to be around 200 strong!.….









Finally arrived back with a secondhand passenger side mirror which turned out to be all electric like the one that was smashed, which we were very lucky to get from a scrapyard, but it seems that between 35 and 40 mirrors are broken each year in this area alone on Campers travelling either too close to or over the centre of the road towards oncoming traffic.

After around 5 hours after arriving on site the Camper/RV was ‘roadworthy’ again, but we then noticed that the two ‘arms’ that hold the mirror to the door are shorter than the ones previously fitted which unfortunately were broken in the collision, so it looks like the passenger will have to act as ‘lookout’ on rear vision if overtaking is required….

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-18-2013, 12:18 PM
Stage 13 “Tagazhoute to Tiznit”

“Salam Alaikam”

After a very quiet night in a rather nice location it was time to move on again this morning, but it still puzzles me that after 12 months since our last visit, the campsite called Terre de Ocean still has not installed seats in either the men’s or women’s WC’s when it is one of the most expensive campsites we will stay at during this trip, if not the most expensive! .…

On the road by 08:30hrs with the sun full on as we make our way through a couple of the coastal ‘Surfing’ towns before we get into Agadir…..



While on the outskirts of Agadir was this ‘Car Boot Sale’…..


Not sure if it was the aftermath of the FIFA World Cup Football Match played here last night but traffic as we went through Agadir was to me very light with nice clear stretches of road right through the centre….




Rather liked this building as it seemed like a piece of cake or an ice cream…


Getting clear of Agadir we then start to see open countryside and pass through other towns/villages as we get onto a completely new road…..






Then we come into the outskirts of Tiznit….



As we pass by more new buildings….


While shortly after we come to the campsite which is just set back off the old road from Agadir…..


Get set up, bit of lunch and it’s off into Tiznit itself, passing more new housing that has gone up since last year…..


While the first stop was the Fruit & Veg Market which takes place every Wednesday…..


Not ‘Potatoes’ but a fuel for heating and cooking that is burnt & on sale in the market while the source is animal, while I am sure you can imagine exactly where it comes from!


Then quickly back to the Fruit & Veg….




New Station for Buses, Local & Long Distance, also Taxis that was not here last year….


On into the Medina passing through one of the gates….


Delivery of wood for the Men’s Hammam (Steam Baths)….


Part of the Medina Wall…..



While we spot this rather nice set of doors inside a café as we enjoy a coffee…


While on the balcony of the café we have this rather nice view of part of the Medina Wall which it seems that quite a large part of has been refurbished.….


So we decide to start making our way back to the campsite by following the Medina Wall on the inside….




Arriving back at the campsite we see a couple of, and get a picture of one…..


While the daylight fades away and night time approaches again…..



tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-18-2013, 08:13 PM
Assuming that your friends RV is the one beside you, strange to see their door on the wrong side of the RV.;)
To bad about their mirror, at least you guys managed to get something to replace the broken one. What chassis are they running?

You going to have a contest to see if the Peacock or the call to pray wakes you in the morning?

12-19-2013, 02:10 AM
Assuming that your friends RV is the one beside you, strange to see their door on the wrong side of the RV.;)
To bad about their mirror, at least you guys managed to get something to replace the broken one. What chassis are they running?

You going to have a contest to see if the Peacock or the call to pray wakes you in the morning?

It is the one besides us, and there are 2 doors in this model Driver & Passenger as it is Right Hand Drive,
however the majority of RV's in Europe have 2 doors unless you want one where you only have one entrance door which is normally on Left Hand Drive models.

It was a 'contest' this morning between Peacock & The Call to Prayer but we had a third 'sound' which is we think a flour mill just down the road whose extractor fans ran all night long and the pitch of sound coming from them rose and fell!

2nd & last night here tonight, then we are off again! [thumbup]

12-19-2013, 10:34 AM
Stage 13A “A lazy day in Tiznit”

“Salam Alaikam”

After a noisy night from a local very large factory that has an extractor in the roof that is rather like a permanent slightly lower volume ‘Air Raid Siren’ after breakfast we took a stroll back into Tiznit for a look around the other part of the town that we did not see yesterday or last year…..

The road sign below shows our ‘exit’ off the traffic island to our next destination Sidi Ifni, but that is for tomorrow…..


Over to the other side of the Medina…..


Then down the road we see this place where it seems that crying in pain is not allowed…..


While a few doors along is literally ‘The PUB with no beer’!


Then turn left and into the Municipal Market……



While outside in a large square is the Taxi Rank.…


On the opposite side of the road are all the Microwave Communications Dishes, and Mobile Phone masts…..


The city centre Mosque, which was open, but we are not allowed in, however it did look very nice inside, as we could see through the open doors….


Another of the 8 Gates into the Medina……


Tipper Trucks that are loaded with building material and waiting for orders so that their goods can be delivered. It seems that some of them were also there yesterday as well…..


While here is the LARGE Factory not far from the campsite that has the ‘extractors’ running all day and night, while the noise is far more pronounced at night….


With the ‘problem’ in the ‘Tin Tent’ of not being able to charge the battery while being hooked up to mains voltage as the 12V DC Transformer has failed, I came up with a bit of a ‘Heath Robinson’ solution, and with the help of a local hardware shop I purchased an electric bulb, 4 meters of cable, a light bulb holder and a 2 pin plug. Total cost 62MAD (About £5 or $7.5) after assembling the parts, the solution works well, and saved spending around 5 times the amount on a battery charger. [thumbup]


Back on the road tomorrow and then a halt of at least 7 nights before we move again so updates will not be as frequent for a short while.….

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-20-2013, 01:23 PM
Stage 14 “Tiznit to Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

Up and on the road by 08:15hrs after a nice but non photographable sunrise this morning which was a shame as the colours opened like a balloon being inflated as the sun lit up the sky as it climbed over the horizon.
As we pass through Tiznit we see more new buildings on the road to Sidi Ifni…


With a recently tarmacd road that went for quite some distance before it became ‘patchy’…..


Following the coast for the best part of the trip …..


While the new tarmac was nice to drive on, I do wish that the roadbuilders would at least try to make it flat instead of providing the little undulations that make you think at times that you are on a bit of a choppy sea trip!....


Passed quite a few Beehives at each side of the road with the honey being offered at small roadside stalls…..


While after a few small hills along with bends and ‘bumpy bits’…..









We come into the outskirts of Province of Sidi Ifni….


While after passing through a couple of the outer small villages….






We arrive at the Horse statue entrance to the town of Sidi Ifni itself…..


While the little ‘white square’ in the middle of the next picture is the Police Check Point where you have to stop or continue very slowly while most times receiving a ‘Hello’ or sometimes a salute from the Police Officer on duty…




Then it’s on down the hill….


Round the bend and in through the last set of gates before the road junction to the campsite we are staying for the next 7 nights…..


Pictures of the campsite tomorrow, which is brand new!

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-20-2013, 09:06 PM
Looks all nice and green in the scenic shots. I think that it was close to the same last year, maybe a bit greener this year. Seems like the roadside weed of choice are the cacti.

Hope that the campsite is a good one.

12-20-2013, 10:10 PM
Looks all nice and green in the scenic shots. I think that it was close to the same last year, maybe a bit greener this year. Seems like the roadside weed of choice are the cacti.

Hope that the campsite is a good one.

While we are around 10 days later than last year I think possibly there has been more rain here than last year, especially on the coast.
Yes the roadside weed of choice are the cacti, but they make a very nice 'Cacti Jam' you might call it 'Jelly' from the small red/pink 'pods' which you spread on slices of bread, and unlike the 'Cactus Jelly' from your side of the Pond, which I have been given by a good friend to try and has no 'pips' in and is very sweet, the 'Jam' over here has the 'pips' in, is not as sweet and has a rather nice taste to it.

I am hoping to get a couple of jars while here, so will post a picture if successful.

The campsite is excellent with showers and toilets that are 9 days old, while the HOT water is exactly that, and if you ran it on it's own under the shower it would quite easily scald you! [nonono]

They have also marked out with white liner on the ground all the camping pitches, and looking at them, we cannot work out when the place fills up, how the heck you are supposed to get in and out with your outfit!

Meanwhile we are seriously considering a trip across the road to help sort out a 'Cockerel' whose internal clock has gone out of sink and is waking us up at 04:30AM with his dam squawking!!! :mad:

While the after effects of my head cold which has now become a rasping cough is not helping!

Hey Ho, here comes another day in Paradise....[thumbup]

12-21-2013, 10:45 AM
Stage 14A “Day 1 of a few days in Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

Oh Boy I do wish the ‘Performance’ of Maroc Telecom could be fed back to ‘Customer Service’ but as they don’t have a department for that then it makes life a bit difficult as getting the previous update online was to say the least diabolical, some others might prefer the simple word of ‘Crap’!

While after the antics of getting the Blog update uploaded last night the whole of Sidi Ifni town lost its electrical power this morning just after breakfast which was restored around 5 hours later. It seems that there are no underground power cables, all power is supplied by overhead lines and when it’s windy which it was yesterday then ‘power failures’ happen .…

But at least the battery in the camera was working to be able to get the few pictures for today……

The Campsite as promised…..

While this was going to be the Main Entrance, the gates were fitted, then removed and the stones placed across the front as now you have to enter via another way!


Which is here on the road from Tiznit, but you can then drive straight across and come out the other side!…..


While moving in through the ‘entrance’ this is the view…..


With this rather striking mural on the facilities wall…..


Thought the ‘Dog Shower’ was a good idea, even though some people used it for dishwashing…


Men & Women Showers and Toilets all very nicely tiled with European style WC’s and very HOT water in the Showers, also with 2 clothes washing machines in the ladies side…..


While painted on the wall of the campsite on the inside are the flags of different countries from around the world….


The ‘Guardien’s office (Night-time Security)…..


Then a view from up on the hill as we went into town…..


Passing the Bakery on our way into the town centre we passed this rather nice Saddle on the wall outside and wondered if they offered a Camel delivery service?...


While partway up the hill into town we pass this small public garden that was not there last year…..


With a wander around town to take in a few more sights, before heading back to the campsite for a bit of ‘R&R’ as it was a nice hot sunny day….




Sunday Market tomorrow which should be quite interesting!

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

Da Tow'd
12-22-2013, 10:06 PM
I really enjoyed your road trip
interesting photos

12-23-2013, 01:29 AM
I really enjoyed your road trip
interesting photos

Hi Hank,
Thanks for the compliment it is appreciated, but as they say.......
'It ain't finished till the Fat Lady Sings' so keep looking as we hope it gets better!

12-23-2013, 01:34 AM
Stage 14B “Day 2 of a few days in Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

After posting the update last night we decided to take a stroll into town and found the place full of life even though it was around 20:00hrs,


While in the morning we get a quite nice Sunrise over the campsite……


Then after a HOT shower that with the water pressure feels like you have just been ‘caught’ in a Police ‘Water Cannon’ and after some breakfast to get yourself back together! PHEW! It’s time to go up the hill to the Sunday Market…..


Which when you get there and look around is a mixture of a ‘Car Boot Sale’ (Flea Market) Household items, Fruit & Veg, Berber Silver Jewellery, Straw Bales but no Camels…..


And small Carpets, but sadly not the magic kind that save you the very expensive cost of an air ticket if you need to get back home!…



Fruit and Veg section, and the F&V are very sweet and full of flavour, especially the Garden Peas which you have to get out of their pods, but you cannot help trying a few as you do! YUMMY!!! ….


While the Melons and Strawberries on this stall were excellent and will go down very well as a starter for Christmas Day Lunch…..


With a final look back before it was time to head back to the campsite for our own lunch…..


tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-24-2013, 01:59 AM
Stage 14C “Day 3 of a few days in Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

Decided on another ‘After Dinner’ stroll up into town last night and what a difference a day makes, but the previous evening we learnt Morocco were playing in a football final, so all the restaurants, café’s and snack bars that had a TV were full of people glued to the Square Box watching the football match….



While the following morning was breakfast followed by some shopping followed by laundry, then after lunch all the ‘Brits’ on the campsite which comprised of 8 adults all took off for a stroll along the beach…..

While the adventurous ‘4’ set off for a paddle…..


The rest followed…..


Then 2 went a bit deeper.…


Then a bit deeper again, or was it the waves coming in came farther up the beach?


But OOPS! It was too late and they ended up with very wet trousers…..


So off we went again some with just wet legs, others with wet bits that went a bit higher passing this large Hotel sat on the edge of the cliff, and has been there for some time…..


With a couple more views from the beach as we strolled along…..



Then we spotted this Jellyfish, which was the biggest we had seen at around 18inches in diameter but as we stood and looked at it the sea came in and washed it back out to sea…..


Continuing along the shoreline…..



We then see the now disused landing structure where larger ships would moor up and the passengers and freight would be brought ashore in a much larger version of a ‘Cable Car’ which we saw pictures of in the local museum last year but didn’t get see the actual structure close up…..


So off we went to get ‘Close Up and Personal’…….


Then when you get there you can see how massive it is when compared to the ‘normal’ white buildings in the bottom right of the next picture….


While moving around the front the closest section looks like something out of a Sci Fi movie waiting for the order to move…..


While up on the hill is the Moroccan Coastguard Station that monitors shipping up the African Coast…..


Sidi Ifni Port Entrance now hardly used except by some fishing boats…..


While on the road out of the port we see these rather strange shapes on the cliff face as though the rock ‘melted’ and then cooled leaving the turned over edges…


While we leave you on Christmas Eve with a thought of how you might feel after festivities are over tomorrow…..


So here’s Flamenco Red & its occupants…..
Wishing you all A Sincere Happy Christmas and a Great New Year

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-24-2013, 07:08 PM
Merry Christmas to all of you.

How was the water temperature on the jaunt into the depths?

12-25-2013, 01:13 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you.

How was the water temperature on the jaunt into the depths?

Merry Christmas to you also.

The water temperature was a heck of a lot better than I found in Spain a few years ago when we went for a 'dip' on New Years Day and lasted all of 15 minutes!

We are intending to go in today before lunch, I think the intention is to give us an appetite for our Christmas Dinner, so will have to wait and see how it turns out!

Report back later.....[thumbup]

12-25-2013, 12:07 PM
Stage 14D “Day 4 & 5 of a few days in Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

As we had received along with our own supply a significant input of paper, normal & coloured pencils, along with erasers from two employees of the Volvo Dealership in the UK from whom we got ‘Flamenco Red’, and it was Christmas Eve, we decided to one the the small packs we had made up to one of the schools for the smaller children here in Sidi Ifni as a gift,

In the more remote parts of Morocco it is a significant problem for the children in trying to get a good education, due to lack of facilities in terms of writing materials so the employees and ourselves decided to help out.….

Rolled up at the school, and found one of the teachers who willingly took the offered gift, but declined my request for a single picture with him receiving the gift or even with a couple of the children, so I had to wait until they came out for playtime and stood outside the entrance door….

Maybe we will have better luck as we venture further South in a couple of day time, in being able to get a nice picture as a 'Thank you'…..


Meanwhile in watching the route of Santa last night we found that he was making a surprise visit here this morning, and as we found arrived on a Quad Bike complete with driver…..


While Santa then went off with a large gift bag distributing a small gift to each of the Campers in the campsite along with all the staff who work here…..




So from our little Happy Party of Brits, it’s Happy Christmas from a HOT Sidi Ifni in Morocco as we tucked into our Christmas Dinner….


tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-26-2013, 11:55 AM
Stage 14E “Day 6 of a few days in Sidi Ifni”

“Salam Alaikam”

Well blow me! 06:30hrs this morning and it starts RAINING! :(
While this is our last day in Sidi Ifni the weather was misty with rain showers coming and going right through till after lunch time….

So with a final few pictures including a very ‘rough sea’ with the waves starting to form quite a way off shore, we are off tomorrow for the next stage that takes us a little bit inland…..

Sidi Ifni Lighthouse.
No longer in use as a lighthouse, is now the residence of the Campsite and Restaurant Owner of the campsite we have stayed at during our time here.....





tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-27-2013, 12:26 PM
Stage 15 “Sidi Ifni to Abayno”

“Salam Alaikam”

Woken up this morning at 03:15hrs once again by the Cockerel across from the campsite ‘sounding off’ and if there is one thing that will not be missed as we leave here it will be that noisy bird!

Very dull and overcast morning when we finally did crawl out from between the sheets after a warm night, then having got ready and paid the bill it was off on the road to Guelmin and our final destination for today of Abayno as we spotted these late arrivals from last night on the campsite in Sidi Ifni….


Then we were off climbing up through the valley on the road with the mist floating around….







Passing the Goats at the side of the road we get a nice wave from the herdsman as a ‘Thank You’ for going past slowly and not startling any of them….





Finally arriving at the entrance to the Thermal Baths, Hotel & Camping…




After getting into position we come to connect to the Electricity and find this connection, just don’t touch the bolts on each of the wires at the same time, unless you want to blow off your wig!!! [sly]


While in the showers the Hot Water Gas Fired Boiler looked a bit past its ‘use by date’ (The WC’s were not in any better condition)……


While outside the campsite they are laying a new drain to take away the thermal water from the Ladies bath. The ‘drain’ is being constructed of concrete mixed on site and poured into shuttering made of wood, no ‘Ready Made Pipes. To be found here…..


While after a bit of lunch we went on a stroll around the Oasis and found the Thermal Water which is still quite warm to the touch being used for irrigation in the fields, where it was required and dammed where it wasn’t….





At the next point, the water was diverted left…..


Which we then saw was making the field it was going into completely wet and water logged…..


While on the other side the fields were growing the required produce for the villagers….



Then as we made our way across and back into the village, in a different part we found the cactus that had been left to die…..


While life of a different kind in the form of this Ant was seem with some of the other ‘Workers’ taking food back to the nest that was considerable bigger than the ant…..


You can tell that you are going South in Morocco when the Maroc Telecom Mobile Signal becomes so weak that it takes 5 attempts to login, then you cannot upload simple small picture files to Photobucket, and when you can it takes 2 hours for the pictures above! [nonono]

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-28-2013, 02:03 PM
Stage 16 “Abayno to El Ouatia”

“Salam Alaikam”

Slight change of plan as we left Abayno this morning. With the number of RV/Campers heading South we decided to head for our furthest destination South which is El Ouatia and then on the way back up, call into the place we should have been going to today….

So off we went heading first into Guelmin and the ‘Afric’ garage for a few litres of Diesel to fill up Flamenco Red’s tank, as you can never be sure what supplies are like further down the coast….

Mist over the hills as we approach Guelmin…..


While the City Gates are a new addition from coming here last year….


The ‘Building’ here also continues…..


As we found ourselves on the road that goes past the…..


‘Camel Market’……





Hobbled Cows, but one still tried ‘jumping’ to move even though both front legs are roped together……


The main ‘Buying & Selling’ area…..


While on the ‘first floor’ (Well it was up some steps!) is the area for Fruit & Veg, new and second-hand clothes, shoes and household items….






So after stocking up on some fruit and veg with a couple of household items we set off once again and soon passed through the other new City Gates…..


Coming very soon to wide open countryside that was quite sparse, but with nice views……





Travelling very slowly was this Water Bowser as places do not have running water and quite often here they also have no local water well, relying on this type of delivery…..



Interesting City ‘Gates’ entrance to ‘Tan Tan’…..



Relaying of pavement slabs, as we pass this rather slow but sure form of transport….


As we come to the ‘Gates’ of the Oued Draa which is a very long river, but at the moment the river bed is quite dry…..


Now out of Tan Tan as we pass a Café & Restaurant that seems to be one of the stops on this main road frequented by the Truck Drivers, who pass by very close as they overtake you due to the road width and bits missing from the tarmac on each side which make it narrower in places!!


Roll on down the hill and across the flat plain…..


Then it’s not long before we are into the outskirts of El Ouatia…..


Round the bend and turn right, then in about 0.4 of a mile we are outside the campsite which is very nearly on the beach, but more of that tomorrow, I still have to get this lot uploaded via my ‘Good Friend’ Maroc Telecom!!


tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-28-2013, 09:32 PM
I hate to tell you this. Some of your camels, the black and white ones, are missing their humps. Not to mention they have horns and are somewhat short.

The bent over light standards are interesting.

12-29-2013, 11:12 AM
I hate to tell you this. Some of your camels, the black and white ones, are missing their humps. Not to mention they have horns and are somewhat short.

The bent over light standards are interesting.

Not sure if you have an organisation in Canada called 'Specsavers' but over this side of the 'Pond' anyone who has a problem we normally say.....

"Should have gone to Specsavers" as the guy kisses the wrong wife as she steps off the train for example! :D:D

P.s. They are actually the Pygmy version of a Camel and called Goats, and are better suited to hills than dessert, due to the short legs lack of hump and smaller feet! :D:D

While not sure if the light standards were actually straight at one time as this place is very windy as you will see later in the next update! [thumbup]

12-29-2013, 11:16 AM
Stage 16A “A day in El Ouatia”

“Salam Alaikam”

After a rather nice but not spectacular Sunset then….“Oh it’s a windy night tonight!!”
As the rain clouds gathered and the wind increased in strength, at times it felt like the ‘Tin Tent’ was not far off taking flight while the rain showers hammered down!


While some of the after effects of the wind during the late afternoon and night can be seen in the next two pictures where any flat surface that faces the wind gets a ‘brown coat’ of fine sand…..

After the wind & fine sand…..


Back to normal…..


Then off for a walk into town….







Spotted this little kitten just lying alongside the wall soaking up the sun while the wind had dropped….




Sunday’s football match in the small stadium, complete with referee, he is the one on the left in Jeans & Thermal Anorak!…..



Then we come to the Fish Technology Institute…..





Administration Office with a ‘Mr ?’ and ‘Mr Smilie’

While we all read this rather quickly and thought it was a Mechanic with a WC for any customers!



Then we headed for the beach and the ‘Shifting Sands’ but first we have to cross the road…..



While it still gets blown by the wind……


Making our way back to the campsite, passing a nice seafront residence….


Then back to the entrance of the campsite, which to be honest is rather short of decent facilities, while another more modern ‘unlisted’ campsite is to be found 400 yards further down the road…..





As the wind which has started to rise again, has been forecast to remain for the next 24 hours we will be moving on to the place we should have visited before we got here tomorrow…

tisbah `ala khair (Arabic ‘Good night’)

12-30-2013, 10:01 PM
Some interesting shots again. The residence is interesting, I rather like the picture.

The sand looks like the wind was blowing strong. Coming up from the beach?

Was a campground switch done?

12-30-2013, 11:03 PM