View Full Version : Props to FCP Euro

Steve F
11-10-2013, 05:09 PM
I recently replaced the front struts on my XC70 and bought a package kit from FCP Euro. The original order arrived in 3 days and all looked to be in order. It wasn't until I installed the struts that I realized they weren't correct for the car, I had a severe negative camber. It turns out I had received struts for a V70 instead and they were similar enough to install with no problems except the camber issue. I sent FCP an email explaining the problem and they responded within an hour, saying they had identified the problem and would immediately ship replacements to me. They also sent me a UPS label to return the incorrect parts. I had the right shocks the following day, did the swap and returned the incorrect struts. Although the confusion was a little annoying, FCP bent over backwards to correct the problem. I'm pleased with the outcome and will continue to do business with them.