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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd share a few pictures from last winter, I was on a ski vacation to Colorado and I felt like doing a bit of soft roading in my 2006 XC70. I had a friend bring along his 4x4 F250 as a support vehicle in case I got stuck. I believe the trail is about 15 miles long end to end, however it is at high elevation and had alot of snow. I was told after the fact by a local that the area had 7 feet of snow packed down on that trail. Needless to say... I did not make it the full 15 miles on this trail, I made it about a mile then got bottomed out in some soft snow big time. It took 3 hours, 4 people pushing, 4 shovels, a set of chains and some wooden ramps to get 'er moving again. At this point I wanted out of there!!! The trail was so narrow I could not turn around, so I had to back the car a whole back mile the whole while trying to keep the back end from getting sucked over the steep decline/trees on the one side. Definitely a fun trip, but I look back and see I could have been waiting until spring to remove my car from this mess! I will say the car exceeded everyones expectations immensely, but the conditions really called for another 6 inches of ground clearance and tires 2 feet wide.


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Looks interesting. Also looks like a trail that I would not do on anything but a snowmobile in the winter.

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On the snow with that tire ?

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On the snow with that tire ?

Your so right, those Goodyear Triple Treads are awful on snow, I replaced them with Cooper CS4 and my snow traction is alot better now. Here's a picture of the new tires and 17" rims: