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06-05-2012, 10:33 PM
1999 V70XC 193k still going strong!

Carfax: Belgium -> VA -> ALASKA! -> New Mexico(totaled) -> Florissant, MO (fixed and auctioned) -> Boonville, MO

Had an 94 855-t with 320k miles sold it and bought this one, and yeah its needs work but nothing a little elbow grease and exhaust bearings cant fix right?


under the car looks very clean no leaks very minor rust and lots of new parts

Work need:
O2 sensor is bad 18~20 mpg sucks (>_<)
CVVT or Cam sensor is bad (current project)
A/C Condenser need replaced
Top Motor mount rubber is gone! (clunk clunk)
Dent in door needs fixed
did have a bad ABS module but has been fixed woot

so far i gotta say its a fun car, has a real nice ride and has not left me down once in the year I have owned it but that's a Volvo for yeah (^.^)

my other Volvo's

94 855-t 13.5 sec 1/4 320k miles when sold


My 83 242-GLT 230K miles (current toy)


and 87 740 no pics sadly... it was blue and had a bazillion miles on it. (sold to family)

looking to doing some light Off-roading later this year after getting some more work done.

future plans:
Stage I ECU
Performance Exhaust (no friggn fart can)
body work
A/T tires
Light Bar 6" fog lights (maybe)
Brush guards (maybe)


^^^ something like this^^

but not as nice lol

Ill keep updates!


06-24-2012, 07:12 AM
Your 242 is fantastic and the photo explane her spirit !