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03-07-2010, 04:58 AM
When it comes to sand duning, the Volvo XC70 probably doesn't come to mind. As the pictures below show, perhaps it should.

Today's drive commenced in Sydney's leafy lower North Shore. The destination: the Anna Bay entrance to Stockton Beach, some 180 odd kilometres North of Sydney.

Waiving us off from the starting line was "SydneyV70xc", who couldn't make the trip. He turned up in his dramatic yellow Lotus Esprit V8, much to our collective delight.

From there we leisured up the Freeway and made a brief stop to pick up our Rescue vehicle: a 2010 Toyota Prado ZR Diesel Turbo [as it turned out it wasn't needed]. I piloted the Prado in lieu of my BZ XC70.

MyZomela, accompanied by his wife and son, piloted his beige XC70. PJ810, ever the die hard, was in charge of his near immortal white ride. A sleep deprived Tank 2 navigated his silver XC.

We started off a little tentative, sticking mainly to the beach. But after a while, all of us slowly drifted towards the dunes. MyZomela led the way, bravely testing his vehicles capabilities. The other two followed, including some impressive wave crashing by the ever daring PJ810.

As it turned out, the XC70s took every dune that I took in the Prado. They had to work a little harder due to their lower ride height, but apart from that they were amazing. We were all blown away at how capable they were.

Pretty soon we were zipping up, down and around. Tank 2 got mildly stuck once, due to a lack of pace, but reverse gear and a little people power got it going again. He gave it another go - got some air - and cleared the dune without fuss. For good measure he went around again.

Seeing the XC70s ripping around was quite a sight. It certainly caught the attention of the many heavy SUV users, such as the Landcruiser, Pajero and Patrol crowd.

All in all, the XC70 was mighty impressive in the sand. Let's hope that more of you get to experience its capabilities.

[PS. I have some experience on sand/dunes and encourage you to go with experienced people at least for your first time. You need to let down the tyre pressure - we went down to 15 psi - and you need to be told how to drive on the sand. You must also know of the dangers, practises and peculiarities of the particular area you are driving in. Your insurance probably won't cover you here so it is better to be safe than sorry].

03-07-2010, 05:00 AM

PJ810 warms up the seat in the visiting Lotus

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03-07-2010, 05:34 AM
It most certainly was a fantastic day that saw all of us amazed at the capabilities of our cars. Seeing the Prado struggle slightly to get up one of the steeper dunes, we all decided to be sensible. Matters knew which words would trigger my buttons, and in no time I decided I had to give it a go. A few minutes later all the XC70s were up in the more difficult dunes with no real effort. The main consideration was clearance. My car bottomed out on the odd occasion. But traction remained strong and steady.

It was a liberating experience to have several kilometers of clear beach ahead of me, no other cars or people, driving about 60km/h with the breaking waves only metres beside me. [thumbup]

Here are some of my photos. More will come from all of us:





03-07-2010, 12:14 PM
What a hoot! My XC is sorry she lost her cam belt otherwise we would have as much fun as you guys! Great pics and my pics of the bunch would be PJ810 splashing, MyZomela disappearing into the dunes as you see his rear end sinks :eek: into the horizon and Tank2 looking at the scenery :cool: between the two XCs.
Well done [thumbup]fellows and we gotta do another before the October long weekend you discussed over dinner. Maybe in a few weeks we do a day trip again? Maybe less exciting like a picnic somewhere close? Hopefully my XC will be fit to play then.
Now don't forget to wash every inche of the XCs and get that salt off. And don't forget to wash the engine bay when its cold. You don't want to crack a head or the turbos and cover the electrical bits!

p.s. Bravey Award goes to Tank2 for his second attempt and PJ810 gets the Best Surfer Award!

03-09-2010, 12:46 PM

Letting down our tyres. Matters' advice was 15psi, or about 105kPa for those of us who've gone metric. Gosh, that looked low!

Arriving at Tin City
One of our gang told us that these shacks were used as a location in one of the "Mad Max" movies.

Ocean Racer
03-09-2010, 09:58 PM
Matters, are you on SoarerCentral ?

With a little bit of post processing. You have a nice shot there !

03-10-2010, 01:27 AM
Indeed, I am on Soarer Central. Are you?

As for your fine tuning of my picture: [thumbup][thumbup]

03-10-2010, 03:32 AM
I might just add, Tank2 and Myzomela are running Pirelli Scorpion STR tyres on their cars. I'm enjoying performance road tyres (Yokohama C-drives, W-rated). I was anticipating problems, but my car gripped without any dramas going up those dunes.

Maybe it's only mud and snow where the Scorpions show their advantage?

Ocean Racer
03-10-2010, 04:35 AM
Indeed, I am on Soarer Central. Are you? [thumbup][thumbup]

Been on there for years.
Adam Peterson [President] WA chapter [thumbup]

My 94 Supercharged + Intercooled Uzz31 was sadly written off last year by some punk who swiped me on the freeway. That resulted in me getting the XC70.

03-10-2010, 04:37 AM
I promise I'll only do one three-in-a-row picture


With Matters' just-in-case Toyota. Fortunately we didn't have any "cases".

Ocean Racer - I understand what you're trying to do with Matters' photo, but I think Mrs Myzomela may not like being gimped out! :eek:

Ocean Racer
03-10-2010, 04:44 AM
Ocean Racer - I understand what you're trying to do with Matters' photo, but I think Mrs Myzomela may not like being gimped out! :eek:
O [email protected] :o

but I had another play..

03-12-2010, 09:15 PM
Spent a good four hours at a mate's place working on getting rid of sand and mud. First used his air gun and surgically attacked all nooks and crannies in the engine. Then went in with the high pressure hose, and again, calculated targeted areas were taken out, one at a time. Other times were washed by hand.

Then the car was jacked up. The high pressure hose was used for about an hour under the car and in the wheel arches. Note that on the night of my return from the trip I used the garden hose for about half an hour. But you should have seen the amount of mud (from previous trips!) that came out of the car!

03-13-2010, 02:54 PM

Might be a good thing :p that the old mud was there from the last trip. The sand and salt would have sat on it instead of the metal bits. Aren't we all glad water restrictions are over......for now!
p.s. will post pics of my XC with its head off soon. She's off for at least another week and a half at this stage.

03-13-2010, 08:36 PM
I think the underneath of my car was actually cleaner for the drive on the sand - as if it was sand-blasted. And no sand had stuck, as Dani K found on the Inland Sea trip. Just some lose stuff sitting on top of the so-called bash plate. But then we only drove on the dry sand: I didn't go "surfing" like PJ810...

However I did find an oil leak from my intercooler, and I'm pretty sure it pre-dates Stockton Beach. :(

02-06-2012, 10:49 PM
Let me know when you're going again! I recently got a Cross Country MY2001 and am keen to give it a test drive in the sand. I live in Sydney and would drive up.