View Full Version : S 60 whats the scoop?

06-22-2008, 07:25 PM
My wife and I are thinking of selling her S70 and getting a 60. Looking at a MY04 S60. We found it while we were on Vacation at a Volvo reseller. They were closed over the weekend. The car is from VA and has 106K. We are in NH, this paticular dealer buys his car from the auction. He has been there for along time and has a good rep. I was going to run the car fax, it has 12 records on Car Fax and 6 on some other sites. Can anyone tell me the good and bad on this 60. Its a turbo front wheel drive. I have gone on all the sites and read a bunch of things good and bad. The price is the same and I will find out the scoop when I get over there in the am...

Thanks in advance,

This will make my 14 Volvo......