View Full Version : Presentation emailed from VCUK today

03-05-2008, 11:11 AM
I got this link emailed to me today:-

Oh dear, do they really expect people to show interest on the basis of this naff (what's the equivalent of tacky, puerile, ,,, words fail me - presentation in stateside English)

Took ages to load, voice over by someone pretending to be Swedish. Yuk!!

Would you buy a car heralded as (see snowy page heading) March - no, April- soon, May- Maybe, -------- September- Whoopee! It doesn't say Ooooo orders start for 2009 models; exciting I can hardly wait, but more - oh dear more vapourware.

Perhaps it's me wanting details, rather than hyperbole.
Or maybe I'm ready for a golf buggy.

To be fair I quite liked the idea, and the gallery (if you dump the videos) has some nice shots of what look like a real car.

Feel free to comment...