View Full Version : '03 XC70 transition to '08 XC70

11-29-2007, 04:40 PM
What should one expect to notice different going from an '03 XC70 to an '08 XC70 ?

1. Is the 5 to 6 cyl noticeable ?
2. Is it more roomier inside regardless of the physical dimensions ? (i.e., is there a sense of more room)
3. Visibility better or worse ?
4. Suspension better or worse ?
5. Entry/exit better or worse ?
6. Auto rear gate opening/closing useful and does it work only for closing ?
7. With rear gate fully open what is the height from the floor to its grab handle for closing it ?
8. Are there at least four tie-down metal rings in cargo area ?
9. Is the NAV system same for '03 and '08 and has it in any way been updated ?
10. Seat comfort same, worse, better ?
11. Do all windows rear of driver come with tinting ?
12. Premium radio setup - same, better, worse ?

Thanks for your comments and insights. :)

11-29-2007, 08:18 PM
1. not sure
2. to me is not roomier but is nicer and softer. After sitting inside the new XC70, and sat into my own 2002 XC, I like the size of the room in mine better.
3. not sure
4. I bet is better, the older XC are smooth but control arm bushings are known to tear.
5. Front is okay, rear is worst.
6. both open and closing even with on the remote
7. not sure
8. not sure but the cargo area is smaller than the P2 Chassis and everything isn't in place maybe it was the package I saw.
9. I am sure Volvo will update the NAV software to current due to different road patterns.
10. Seat is extremely comfortable than before.
11. Windows tint is part of a package option. I think.
12. Better. I was listening to Xmas music and it sounded great!

The car looks great and handsome, But inside is smaller which I don't like. Dashboard and all controls are better and modern.