View Full Version : First Drive of a 08 D5

10-03-2007, 07:38 AM
I took an 08 D5 demo out for a 45min drive last week.

This car had 9000 miles up on the clock, I couldn't get more than 28.9 mpg as the average. My 94,000 mile 03 never drops below 33 mpg! I even get mid 40's on a run...........

Also felt that the ride wasn't as good, no matter which setting I used. I like the dash panel for the driver, but feel the passenger side is dullsville!

Rear leg room appeared worse, although the thoughtful luggage lockdown points are a nice bonus in the load area.

So far not impressed...........


10-04-2007, 03:05 PM
do you think the mpg was affected given this figure seems to have been obtained over a period of only45 mins whilst on a test drive. did you not put your foot down at the lights on a few occasions to check the get up and go? would not that have increased the fuel usage. the d5 is a much more powerful engine then your earlier model.

was it noisy ?
how was its get up and go (we dont have diesels just yet but i am definitely getting one as i am sick and tired of having to fill up at the bowser given i currently have a forestor with a small tank average fuel usage).

theyr'e talking about releasing the new xc in australia in late 07, so i will just have to wait (and wait)