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Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades: Snow Test

Introduction Realizing that Valeo goes to great lengths in developing, testing and evaluating all performance aspects of its wiper products, I was very interested to see how the Ultimate Blades would measure up in a varying range of conditions and cold temperatures. Installing these blades requires very little effort and Valeo appears to have the […]

Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades: Rain Test

Introduction We’ve been testing the blades for three months now (November 2004 – January 2005), and from everything I’ve seen, this wiper blade stands up to its name wholeheartedly, truly raising the bar for wiper blade performance and ease of use. The second set of blades were sent to our fellow board member Art, a […]

Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades

Click here to purchase the Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blade at! Introduction Wiper blades, big deal you say. They sit on your windshield and wipe the dirt, water and snow away from view while driving… No big thing, right? Well, that’s what we thought until a thread popped up in our forums discussing a new […]

Bojo Auto-Tools

For some time now, I’ve been on a quest to find the right type of tools for various DIY tasks in and around our vehicles. The typical projects that I refer to occasionally involve the removal or prying up of delicate materials such as interior and exterior plastic trim/moulding or even scraping off those nasty […]

Turtle Wax Ice Review

Introduction Recently the people at Turtle Wax sent us a great little care package which included their line up of brand new Turtle Wax ICE products. I’ll be honest in telling you that the implication was that I write up an article candidly discussing the products, but that said I’m very happy to report that […]

iMIV Volvo iPod Integration

Sensolutions is offering a generous discount to members wanting to purchase their iMIV Volvo – iPod Integration Systems. On checkout, enter the coupon code VolvoXC70 to claim your discount! Discount: $30 for iMIV Classic Packages $20 for iMIV LE Packages Introduction The integration of Apple’s iPod and Volvo’s OEM head units has become all […]

The Eco-Navigator

The team at Earthrise Technologies got in touch a few weeks ago with an offer for us to test out their brand new Eco-Navigator, a GPS based device that’s been designed to give drivers a better idea as to their fuel consumption and costs. I was immediately interested in this product as a number of […]

5 Year Anniversary of

June 27, 2006: Five Years and the Evolution of > I was shuffling through some files the other day, and came to realize that over the years there have been quite a few changes around the site here at Then in doing so, I realized that we’re actually approaching our fifth year […]

2005 Volvo Winter Test Drive: Quebec City, Canada: The 2005 XC70

If you’re going to hold a winter test drive to prove your ice and snow performance abilities, you can’t do much better than Quebec City in February. Snow, ice, bone-chilling temperatures, and some of the most incredible winter scenery anywhere in the World all help in making this place the perfect winter test venue for […]

2005 Volvo Winter Test Drive: Quebec City, Canada

Absolutely incredible. These two words sum up perfectly my experience at Volvo’s Winter Test Drive, held on January 19-21, 2005 in Quebec City, Canada. The hotel, events, food, locations and the people all contributed towards making this an absolutely amazing event. Oh yes, and the cars… Here we test drove the newly restyled 2005 XC70 […]