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OEM vs. Ultimate Wiper BladeWiper blades, big deal you say. They sit on your windshield and wipe the dirt, water and snow away from view while driving… No big thing, right?

Well, that’s what we thought until a thread popped up in our forums discussing a new flat wiper called the Ultimate Wiper Blade manufactured by Valeo. The blade is currently available as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) item on the 2005 XC70, and this product is now available for aftermarket and is easily retrofitted to any previous XC model, or almost any other vehicle.

After a quick bit of research I found that a company called Go Brands is responsible for the marketing the Ultimate Wiper Blade in North America , so I dropped them a line to see about receiving a couple pair for testing purposes. Forbes Oldorf followed up my email with a phone call shortly thereafter and after a discussion about our community and the attention the product was getting, he had two sets off in the mail to me later that day.

The Manufacturer

Valeo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of OEM automotive parts with over 68,000 employees and operations in 70 different countries. Valeo builds everything from electrical and electronic systems to climate control systems, transmissions and most relevant to this article, windshield wiper systems.

The Valeo blade has been available in Europe as an OEM part for the past few years, but only recently has it been seen on higher end European vehicles here in North America . Go Brands of North America takes care of the aftermarket marketing efforts for the Ultimate Wiper Blade.

Read On…

We’ve put together two separate reviews. The warm weather Rain Test took place in the coastal, moderate climate of Vancouver, BC and the cold weather Snow Test takes place in Red Deer, Alberta… An area very well known for it’s cold, punishing winters.

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