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‘Volvo – The Game’ Makes its U.S. Debut

Volvo – The Game: the exciting new challenge for everyone who enjoys racing games is now available online at It features all of Volvo’s racing legends over the years and also introduces a new star: the Volvo S60 Concept. Just download the game, select your favorite Volvo and test your skills on one of the two highly authentic tracks. The game has been developed together with SimBin Studios.{nl}Volvo – The Game features six different cars and the race is run on two authentically reproduced racing tracks. The six racing cars are the stars. The lead roles are played by the Volvo S60 Concept, the Volvo C30 that is currently competing in the STCC, the previous Volvo S60 that also competed in the STCC, the Volvo S40 that notched up many notable successes in the BTCC (the British Touring Car Championship), the Volvo 850- the estate car that became a legend in the BTCC – and finally a true racing classic from the past, a Volvo 240 Turbo Group A.{nl}The two tracks are the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Göteborg, Sweden and Chayka outside Kiev in the Ukraine. Volvo – The Game is the only virtual racing game in the world to feature the Ukrainian racing track.{nl}Authentic feel{nl}The aim of the game is to reach out to a broad public. A seven-year-old can have fun with it but in order to truly get the most out of the game’s many advanced features, players really should be a few years older.{nl}For the most authentic feel, Volvo – The Game should be played with a steering wheel and pedals connected to the computer. However, it is also possible to operate the car via the PC’s keyboard or with a game-pad. The game offers a choice of skill levels: “novice with all the driver assistance technology activated such as ABS brakes, “semi-pro”, and finally “pro” where there is no assistance whatsoever.{nl}{nl}It is possible to select the Volvo of your choice, compete against your own best times and have the track all to yourself. Or you can compete against up to eleven computer-controlled competitors. There are several alternative settings for graphics and sound. For instance, the star, the Volvo S60 Concept, will be available in two versions – “natural” and racing.{nl}Footnote: Volvo – The Game can be downloaded free of charge to your own PC (English version).

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