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This Father’s Day, Hit The Road Talking, With Dad

In today’s fast-paced world some of our most important conversations with dad take place in the car. This Father’s Day, Volvo Cars of North America encourages dads to live life to the fullest together with their kids in the car.”I know I find that anytime spent with my daughters is well spent, even if it is while we’re driving to or from school, soccer games or family outings,” said Doug Speck, president and chief executive officer for Volvo Cars of North America. “Our philosophy at Volvo is that life is better lived together and so we look for any opportunity to help bring people closer.”With Father’s Day coming, Volvo wanted to bring these potential treasured moments to the forefront and offer some possible conversation starters for dad and kids:Talk sports strategy. In this busy day and age, dads spend lots of time taking their kids to and from sporting events. While en route, provide a little perspective on the lessons of the game. “Winning is exhilarating, but it’s not the most important thing in the world. As long as you tried your best, don’t let losing ruin your day (or season).””What got you in trouble growing up, Dad?” Kids can ask their fathers what mischievous activities their dad was a part of when younger. Young children might realize that dad was a kid growing up at one point too.Early driving lessons. Consider car rides opportunities to teach kids a few safe driving basics. Let the younger kids read road signs and learn about speed limits. Share the rules of the road with the older ones. For example, teach your son or daughter to be aware of the cars around you. Keep your eyes on not only the car directly in front of you, but also the one two cars ahead.Rock out to your favorite tunes. They’re oldies, but goodies, right? Instead of playing the kids’ choice of music, spin your favorite hits of decades past and teach your children about the music you grew up with years ago.Share your goals and dreams. Encourage your kids to fantasize about being the next Albert Einstein or Eleanor Roosevelt. Challenge them to set goals they might not have considered before.Come of age. Tackle some serious conversation topics to make a lasting and meaningful connection with your kids. Talk about love and loss or pride and disappointment. Kids will feel as though they’re connecting with dad as an adult, not as a child. The discussion just might be a significant milestone for kids on the road to adulthood.”What were you doing when you were my age?” Young adults might be surprised to hear what their dad was doing when he was their age.Source: Volvo Cars of North America

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