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The New Volvo C30 – Dynamic Driving Characteristics with First-Class Safety

The new Volvo C30 introduced today at the international auto show here may be the smallest car in Volvo Car Corporation?s model line-up, but it comes with an abundance of the style, performance, comfort and safety features buyers expect in a premium automobile bearing the Volvo name, Volvo Car Corporation executives declared.With a compact design, solid construction, sporty chassis and two powerful engine choices, the new Volvo C30 offers a very dynamic driving experience while the interior offers a high level of comfort and flexibility with ample seating for four. Like all other Volvo vehicles, the C30 has been developed to offer class-leading safety.”The C30?s compact format has not prevented us from integrating much of what is best in the larger Volvo vehicles,? says H?kan Abrahamsson, Project Director for the C30. ?Even the smallest Volvo should provide the right premium feel, in all respects. This applies not only to the appearance and the impression of quality, but to how it is to drive and use. The Volvo C30 should attract people who love driving.”[b]Manoeuvrable and sporty to drive[/b]Thanks to its compact size and design, the Volvo C30 offer very nimble handling, even in tight spaces. A compact and solid body, a generous track width and a relatively long wheelbase contribute to sporty yet stable driving characteristics.The steering system is electro-hydraulic, with a distinct and controlled steering feel. The chassis, with a MacPherson front wheel suspension and a multilink rear axle, is optimized to enhance the fun-to-drive feel. For an even sportier ride, a lowered sport chassis is available as an option, as are 18″ wheels.[b]Choice of two engines[/b]The Volvo C30 available in Canada can be fitted with two proven 5-cylinder engines, both mounted transversely in the engine bay.The first is a 2.4-litre naturally aspirated engine delivering 168-horsepower and 170 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2.4i engine can be mated to either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission with Geartronic sequential shifting.Stepping up to the T5 version yields a 2.5-litre engine equipped with a turbocharger, delivering 218-horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine can be mated to either a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission with Geartronic shifting.Both engines utilize four-valve technology and double overhead camshafts, which contribute to quick throttle response and good high-speed characteristics.[b]Smart functions offer comfort and flexibility[/b]Despite its compact size, the Volvo C30 is capable of offering a very flexible interior for four adults. The front seats are ergonomically designed and offer a comfortable seating position. Access to the rear is aided by a tapered B-pillar design and front seats that slide forward easily.The split-folding rear has two separate seats and a foldable armrest. The seats have been positioned toward the centre of the car for passenger comfort and a good forward view. This design also allows for storage space in the side panels and facilitates communication with the front seat occupants.The glass tailgate is designed to be easy to open and close and allow good access to the cargo compartment. A cargo cover is available for added security. [b]Cabin climate[/b]On all Volvo C30 cars, air conditioning and a pollen filter are standard equipment; a dual-zone Electronic Climate Control (ECC) system is optional.The ECC system is supplemented by an Interior Air Quality System (IAQS), which continuously monitors the carbon monoxide level of the incoming air and closes the vents when the level is too high, to help protect the comfort and health of the occupants. The system also includes an active charcoal filter to reduce dust, exhaust particles, pollen and unpleasant odours from entering the cabin through the ventilation system.[b]World-class audio[/b]”We have chosen to give the C30 one of the very best factory-fitted audio systems in the world,? says Abrahamsson. ?And the special body, with wide doors and deep side panels in the rear, provides an extra dimension for the sound, with extreme depth and powerful bass reproduction.”There are three audio system levels to choose from:- Performance ? with a 4x20W amplifier and four loudspeakers- High Performance ? with a 4x40W amplifier and eight loudspeakers- Premium Sound ? with a digital class D amplifier with ICE Power technology from Alpine, an output of 5x130W, Dolby Pro Logic II Surround sound processing, and 10 loudspeakers from Dynaudio.With either High Performance or Premium Sound, it is possible to play CDs that contain music encoded in MP3 and WMA formats, enabling the audio system to play hours of uninterrupted music. In addition, these two audio systems are fitted with an extra AUX connector for an auxiliary music source, such as a MP3 player.[b]All-round view[/b]”The fact that the Volvo C30 is fun and stimulating to drive is a result of its well controlled body motions, quick steering response and predictable behaviour,? says Abrahamsson. ?This means that it is easy to control, even in unexpected situations, which contributes to safer driving.”An unobstructed view is very important to preventive safety and the Volvo C30?s design, with large side windows, creates a panoramic view from all seats. The inwardly curving rear side windows and the unique glass tailgate provide a good view rearward, while the tapered B-pillars offer a clear view between the side of the body and the head restraint. This also gives the rear seat passengers a good view through the front side windows.[b]Advanced body structure[/b]”Although the C30 is 22 centimetres shorter than the S40 model, it has the same safety level as its sedan sibling, even with respect to rear impacts,? says Abrahamsson. ?The body structure is designed in the same way to contribute to controlled deformation, and the inner protective systems are similar.The front structure is constructed with four different grades of steel that offer different deformation characteristics to distribute and absorb collision forces in a controlled and effective manner. Cross members, sills, and door pillars are designed to help keep the cabin as intact as possible in a collision and prevent the wheels from intruding into the cabin.Inside the cabin, dual-stage airbags, pyrotechnic seat belt pre-tensioners in all four seating positions, force limiters on the front belts and collapsible pedals help protect the occupants of the car. As well, the steering column deforms horizontally to help the driver interact with the airbag as safely as possible.The Volvo Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) builds upon the rigid body structure and includes side airbags and Inflatable Curtain (IC) airbags to contribute to effective protection in side impacts. Volvo Cars? unique Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) has been installed on the front seats to reducing the risk of neck and soft tissue injuries in rear-end collisions.Finally, the gently rounded front end and the deep front spoiler are designed to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians and cyclists. The new Volvo C30 will arrive in Canadian Volvo retailers in February, 2007. Prices will be announced closer to the on-sale date.Source: Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.

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