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Mini-Volvo for special transport duties during the European

The Volvo Car Corporation has built a mini-Volvo that takes care of very special{nl}transport requirements during the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg. The{nl}car, which is a 1:5 scale model of a Volvo XC90, was developed to be able to, quickly{nl}and smoothly, transport javelins, hammers or discuses from the place where they land,{nl}back to the thrower again.{nl} Volvo Cars has hand-built four unique small bodies, mounted on electrically driven{nl}chassis developed by the Nordic Sport company. The radio-controlled mini-Volvo with a{nl}two horsepower electric motor is capable of transporting either four discuses, three{nl}javelins or two hammers. Two hammers alone, together weigh 14 kilos! The little car has{nl}been greatly appreciated when, fully loaded and at a speed of 20 kilometres an hour, it{nl}scampers over the grass at the Ullevi athletics stadium in Gothenburg.{nl}However, Volvo Cars does not have any plans afoot to mass produce the mini XC90{nl}model.

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