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The Overseas Delivery program has returned for its third year with a new adventure

You’ve asked for it, you’ve waited for it, so get ready to pack your bags and head to your local Volvo retailer because it’s back! Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) will continue to spark the excitement for 20 Volvo customers by offering them the opportunity to embark on an Overseas Delivery adventure this October to Nurburgring, Germany. For the third consecutive year Volvo is offering this exclusive opportunity through the Overseas Delivery program when any Volvo model is purchased.Round trip tickets on Scandinavian Airlines, premium hotel accommodations in Germany and an unforgettable wine tasting tour of the vineyards of Cologne are just some of the luxuries offered. Best of all, customers will have the opportunity to drive their cars at the famed Nurburgring racetrack. “We really want our customers to feel comfortable in their new vehicles and familiarize them with all the features a Volvo offers,” commented Johan Rasmusson, Volvo’s Overseas Delivery manager.Along with the all the traveling excitement, a benefit of purchasing a Volvo through the Overseas Delivery program is that about eight percent savings is applied to the price of the vehicle. After a week of adventure and traveling with a new Volvo, it is transported back to the U.S. from any of the 12 designated locations in Europe.One of the main advantages of this offer is that it can be used as a launching pad for customers to continue vacationing in Europe after they enjoy their week with Volvo. “Our main goal for the 2006 Overseas Delivery adventure is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering tremendous value and an exciting travel opportunity,” commented Rasmusson.The weeklong journey is filled with VIP treatment from beginning to end all for only $3,495 for two people, not including the price of a newly purchased Volvo. All transportation and lodging is included as well as multiple complimentary meals, one being a delicious Swedish meatball lunch at the Volvo factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.Source: Volvo Cars of North America

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