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Drive for Life TV Special to Air on Network Affiliates, iTV (PAX)

[b]American drivers get a much-needed chance to test safe driving skills during national broadcast[/b]WASHINGTON D.C.- Heading into one of the deadliest weekends of the year, millions of Americans will get a timely opportunity to improve their safe driving skills through a unique, nationwide television broadcast.More than 500 Americans lose their lives on the road each Labor Day weekend, a statistic highway safety advocates hope to combat by giving drivers an entertaining way to improve their driving knowledge and test their driving judgments before they get on the road.”Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test” – the centerpiece of one of the most ambitious driver safety initiatives ever undertaken — will enable drivers across America to take an entertaining multiple choice test that pits their driving know-how against common road hazards and situations. The broadcast will premiere in late August on select network affiliate stations. Check your local listings for times in your area. The program will broadcast nationally September 1 at 7 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time and 6 p.m. Mountain/Central Time on the iTV television network (formerly PAX).Between now and October 1, drivers 18 years old and older are eligible to register to win a Volvo S40 by visiting the Web at The winner of the Volvo S40 will be announced on the Web site in the fall.Drive for Life is an initiative of Volvo Cars of North America, the National Association of Police Organizations and the National Sheriffs’ Association, with technical support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The National Safe Driving Test was created in response to the findings of a recent national Drive for Life poll that showed while the safety of cars and roads may be improving, drivers fear driving is getting riskier.In fact, nine out of 10 drivers polled admitted to recent risky driving behavior. Most drivers admit to engaging in at least one distraction while driving – and the list is growing due to technological devices such as global positioning systems, DVD players and text messaging. The poll indicates that multi-tasking while driving is only likely to grow, with the youngest, least experienced drivers being the group most likely to drive while talking on a cell phone or sending a text message. Among drivers aged 16-20, two-thirds admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving while nearly a third admitted to text messaging. More traditional distractions pose threats to drivers of all ages, with more than half saying they eat while driving, 17 percent admitting to reading and 10 percent admitting to indulging in a romantic moment that competed for their attention.”We can engineer safer cars and even smarter cars that correct some driver errors,” said Anne B?lec, President and CEO, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. “But there is no substitute for urging all drivers to be more focused and committed to safety.”The Drive for Life partners created this 30-minute television special to encourage drivers to adopt safer habits. Hosted by FOX Sports anchor Chris Myers, the program aims to engagingly raise the level of awareness of drivers of all ages and abilities.”Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test” puts viewers behind the wheel and asks them to make key life and death decisions. It encourages drivers of all ages to learn to avoid the simple mistakes that can lead to tragedy.”This program is airing just days before a weekend when many drivers should exercise even greater care and caution than normal,” said Bill Johnson, Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations. I would encourage families and individuals to watch. This half hour could save a life.”Mason-Dixon Polling and Research conducted the national Drive for Life survey in June 2005. Full results can be viewed online at Sample questions of the type used in the broadcast and additional information may also be viewed on the Web at iTV television network (formerly PAX) provides family-oriented programming and owns about 150 stations nationwide.Watch:Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test7 p.m. Thursday September 1On iTV (formerly PAX)A few days earlier on network affiliates in some marketsCheck your local listingsFor iTV broadcast times in your area visit Volvo Cars North America

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