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XC70 Summary of Awards to Date

{nl}{nl}Year{nl}Country{nl}Award{nl}Provider{nl}{nl}{nl}2002{nl}USA{nl}2002 Vehicle Satisfaction Score{nl}AutoPacific, Inc.{nl}{nl}{nl}2001{nl}?{nl}Hybrid SUV of the Year{nl}Texas Auto Writers Association{nl}{nl}{nl}2000{nl}Sweden{nl}Utm?rkt Svensk Form ? Excellent Swedish Design.{nl}The Swedish Society of Crafts & Design{nl}{nl}{nl}1999{nl}USA{nl}Wagon of the Year{nl}The Auto Channel’s Golden Tachometer Award{nl}{nl}{nl}1998{nl}USA{nl}Best in Price Class – $30,000-$35,000{nl}AAA{nl}{nl}

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All-new XC70 generation with sportier attitude and greater capability

{nl}{nl}Improved child safety with a world innovation{nl}Advanced drive systems contribute to increased safety margins{nl}Six-cylinder engine for the first time in the Volvo XC70{nl}All Wheel Drive and advanced drive systems{nl}First-class comfort and versatile function{nl}World class audio system{nl}{nl}The all-new Volvo XC70 is the third generation of Volvo’s capable cross-country model.{nl}Just like the all-new V70 model, it offers […]

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