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Art’s Tour of Japan with the Volvo Cross Country Club of Japan

Recently, fellow community member Art made a trip over to Japan to visit his wife’s family. While he was there, they met up with a large group from the Volvo Cross Country Club of Japan who showed them the utmost hospitality and overall a great time. Art’s been so kind as to put together a write up and a collection of photos documenting their adventures, so here goes.. – The Story – The Photos The Forum Thread Discussing This Story

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Southern California’s lifeguards have been glamorized by Hollywood for decades. While they share the spirit of adventure and camaraderie, these dedicated men and women are highly trained professionals who take safety very seriously.Guided by the surfing lifestyle and casual beach culture, the XC70 SR’s brilliant yellow and red paint scheme is authenticated by Catalina Island’s […]

All-new XC70 generation with sportier attitude and greater capability

{nl}{nl}Improved child safety with a world innovation{nl}Advanced drive systems contribute to increased safety margins{nl}Six-cylinder engine for the first time in the Volvo XC70{nl}All Wheel Drive and advanced drive systems{nl}First-class comfort and versatile function{nl}World class audio system{nl}{nl}The all-new Volvo XC70 is the third generation of Volvo’s capable cross-country model.{nl}Just like the all-new V70 model, it offers […]

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