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Team Inventor pulls out of the Paris-Dakar Rally

Sadly codriver Niels Heede Pedersen and I are already back in Denmark from this years Dakar rally. A broken gearbox ended our rally on the 3 special. It was sad to exit the rally so soon even before we reached the Africa stages where the real action starts. There is lots to be happy about though. We set a good time on the 2 special – where we were faster than several factory teams ( # 54 in the general classification and # 23 in the amateur classification ). Our Volvo was praised by everybody, compeditors – the organization – the press and the spectators. A lot of pictures were taken of the car – even by our compeditors. We were happy that our service team are able to continue. Thy can get a lot of valuable knowledge about the rally and they can assist the Swedish and Danish competitors, Håkon Roos (start # 255) and Marc Dulum ( start # 37 ) if nessesary. We hope now that our sponsors will make it possible for us to continue developing the car. Our plan is to participate in the Atlas rally in Morocco this june and of cause – the Dakar 2004! All for now – thank you for all the encouraging mails – we will be back! Ivan

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